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Box 1, Folder 1, Document 51
  • Result Type: Item
  • Item Type: Text
  • Title: Box 1, Folder 1, Document 51
  • Text: rv. 2, /96¢ a3, — CG __ | 2 DO Khe qe Boa Are Hteecel— alrrY Ia, Mawes | Te speed Ake — emt tthez oo Ceding! as gh L-eclrasrecacd _ | ta, the Seaseeee 41tt-Bt. es: hed On fy Stee ttrtbed ee ply of cee ge Foye Steel | ic neces ge e- here ae - Lae hme om fagee SF J Le as Bi. "Dt Civ ke Fe St ee asda | Yo ca os Get. Giese axe eZ the eke eee chalk on ae Cf | aaah WV hee Gay! es Gieiels I= SA snp) he eens Vloen 29, Thai | seerhet tL ee bent S ee fool py ge tital & Be. | eT eS 4? © Caccdd Hehe om hire _ oko, 2 oe a } Cee ae pee ee pidge ea” a aha Biche a ies | . ele Cac ii Pash a i oid has Sf Sippel 11 (Mian ch cre By. ype Aarectl, A gk. WB secede a Li Dog aa Rehan : C— hez, hal eben. (Fee ple tad. pf TR sseeree he Mtee Men A, oe Boiss ae x Py ne ae See old y Botclcm 9 hop ¢ ~ Dee, oo F774, par eid —_ fea apes pM ape ‘Due sie a bluallor = _ TOF nanstln.» A, Be Tithe mee DB Lepr 2¢/ Fogo 97.2.
  • Tags: Box 1, Box 1 Folder 1, code compliance, Folder topic: Building department | 1964-1966, housing, letters
  • Record Created: April 18, 2017
  • Record Updated: April 28, 2021