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JULY 7, 1967

The Board of Directors of the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit
Authority held its regular meeting on July 7, 1967, at 3:30 P.M.,
in the Glenn Building Conference Room, Atlanta. Mr. Richard H.
Rich, Chairman, presided.


Robert F. Adamson (City of Atlanta)
M. C. Bishop (Fulton County)

Roy A. Blount (DeKalb County)
Rawson Haverty (City of Atlanta)

K. A. McMillon (Gwinnett County)
Richard H. Rich (City of Atlanta)

id Sanford Atwood (DeKalb County)
Edgar Blalock (Clayton County)
L. D. Milton (City of Atlanta)


Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority

H. L. Stuart, General Manager

Glenn E. Bennett, Secretary

King Elliott, Public Information Director
Earl Nelson, Chief Engineer

H. N. Johnson, Secretary to General Manager

MARTA Advisory Committee

Howard K. Menhinick, Chairman, Georgia Institute of Technology
H. Boyer Marx, H. Boyer Marx and Associates

Richard L. Aeck, Aeck Associates, Inc.

Richard M. Forbes, Georgia State College

Roy J. Boston, Georgia Department of Public Health


Walter Douglas, Parsons, Brinckerhoff, Quade & Douglas,
New York

W. O. Salter, Parsons, Brinckerhoff-Tudor, Bechtel,
San Francisco

J. A. Coil, Resident Manager, Parsons, Brinckerhoff-Tudor,
Bechtel, Atlanta

Raymond O'Neil, Parsons, Brinckerhoff-Tudor, Bechtel,

David McBrayer, Traffic Engineer, Parsons, Brinckerhoff-Tudor,
Bechtel, Atlanta

R. W. Gustafson, Supervising Engineer, Parsons, Brinckerhoff-
Tudor, Bechtel, Atlanta

Robert P. Barksdale, Project Estimator, Parsons, Brinckerhoff-
Tudor, Bechtel, Atlanta

Peter Vandersloot, Manager of Planning and Scheduling,
Parsons, Brinckerhoff-Tudor, Bechtel, San Francisco

Leon Eplan, Eric Hill Associates, Atlanta

Jacques L. Laboureur, Eric Hill Associates, Atlanta

Lynn Howard, Eric Hill Associates, Atlanta

Arden Brey, Eric Hill Associates, Atlanta

W. Stell Huie, Huie & Harland, Atlanta

Tom Watson Brown, Huie & Harland, Atlanta


Hugh L. McDaniell, Cobb County Representative

Robert W. Roseveare, Traffic Engineer, DeKalb County
Joe Lay, Robinson-Humphrey Company, Inc., Atlanta
Maarten Den Hartog, Lord & Den Hartog, New York City
Donald G. Ingram, Central Atlanta Progress, Inc.

P. A. Springer, Atlanta Traffic & Safety Council
Van Redmon, WALII-TV

Remer Tyson, Atlanta Constitution

J. D. Wingfield, Jr., Gayle L. Harder, Jerry A. Coursey,
Mrs. Margaret C. Breland, Mrs. Rachel Champagne,
Miss Claudette Parrish, Atlanta Region Metropolitan
Planning Commission

The meeting was called to order by the Chairman.


Upon motion by Mr. Bishop, seconded by Mr. McMillon, the reading
of the minutes of the June meeting was dispensed with and they
were unanimously approved.

Financial Report

The General Manager presented the financial report as of

June 30, 1967, which is attached hereto and made a part of these
minutes. DeKalb County had not sent payment for the second
quarter; however it was understood this would be received soon.

A bill in the amount of $4,742.09 had been received from
Hammer, Greene, Siler Associates for extra work in connection
with a report suggested by Washington officials of HUD. The
Chairman had authorized the work subject to Board ratification,
because of the timing which was important. Upon motion by Mr.
Bishop, seconded by Mr. McMillon, approval of this expenditure
was unanimously given.

Other Business

The Chairman said a managerial seminar sponsored by HUD, would
be conducted at Kent State University, Kent, Ohio, from

July 10 - July 21. ‘Two-thirds of salary and tuition would be
reimbursed by HUD, and Mr. Rich recommended approval of the
General Manager's attendance at this seminar. Upon motion by
Mr. Bishop, seconded by Mr. Blount, unanimous approval was given.

Mr. Bishop reported on a recent trip to Montreal and Toronto,
and his observations of the two rapid transit systems.

Progress Reports

General Manager

Mr. Stuart reported on the status of all MARTA consultant con-
tracts. This report is attached hereto and made a part of these
minutes. There is an unused balance of $42,000 in the retainer
agreement with Parsons, Brinckerhoff-Tudor Bechtel, which

is expected to be adequate for whatever additional work might

be required.

The General Manager had filled seven speaking engagements during
the month of June. He reported briefly on a recent trip to

Washington where he visited HUD officials, and Congressman
Fletcher Thompson.

Mr. Stuart said a presentation of MARTA's requirements would
be made to the State Properties Control Commission on July 10.

The General Manager introduced Professor Howard K. Menhinick
of Georgia Tech, Chairman of the Advisory Committee to MARTA,
who introduced the other members of this Committee to the Board.


Parsons, Brinckerhoff-Tudor, Bechtel

In response to a request of the Board of Directors, Mr. Walter
Douglas of Parsons, Brinckerhoff, Quade & Douglas, presented a
time and action calendar for construction of the 30-mile system.
This schedule assumed construction could begin in January, 1968,
and Mr. Douglas pointed ‘out that it was only a point of reference,
based not upon financial capabilities, but upon length of time
required from the point of practical design and construction.

Mr. Salter identified the 30-mile system, and Mr. Coil presented
charts showing costs involved, based on a 1968 beginning date.
He reminded the Board that additional costs would accrue each
year construction had to be delayed.

Mr. Rich suggested removing actual dates from the time and action
calendar, so that it would show the construction period in number
of years. Mr. Douglas said the 4% year period was feasible and
possible, but very optimistic. Mr. Rich commended Mr. Douglas

on the presentation.

Hammer, Greene, Siler Associates

Mr. Bennett reported for Hammer, Greene, Siler Associates on

the status of the economic study. He said the final report would
be submitted within thirty days. The Hammer firm had reviewed
methods of financing proposed in the 1962 study, and had investi-
gated all permanent methods, programs, and sources which might
realistically be available to finance capital costs. They had
examined all other systems in the country and had explored all
possible sources of finance - local, state, and federal. A
formula believed to be feasible and equitable for allocating
costs, using weighted indexes of population, property tax digests,
and employment for 1965 and 1985, had been developed, as follows:

City of Atlanta 56.6 %
Fulton County outside

the City of Atlanta 2.0 &%
DeKalb County Zeki %
Clayton County 5.9%
Gwinnett County 3.4 %

It had been recommended by the consultant and accepted by
the MARTA Board that Clayton and Gwinnett Counties would

not participate in the financing of the system until lines
were constructed in those counties, at which time they would
begin paying their appropriate share retroactively from the
beginning of the construction period.

Mr. Bennett said the consultants had worked with local govern-
ments to evaluate financial capabilities in light of long-range
capital demands and forecasts of ad valorem tax digests, plus
other sources of income. The next step would be meetings with
the major governments to explain the report and seek support

Gf Lt.

Proposed New Impact Study

Mr. Bennett reported on several recent meetings with HUD
officials in Washington, attended by the Chairman, himself,
and others. The present policy of the federal government is
to help build transit facilities; it also includes the study
of the economic and social impact on entire areas affected.
HUD hopes to use transit as a tool to guide future growth and
reshape blighted areas of cities. Washington officials had
recently expressed interest in having MARTA study the economic
impact, potentials, and issues of the system on Metropolitan
Atlanta. Indication had been given that HUD would favorably
entertain an application for funds*to support such a study.

Mr, Bennett recommended that MARTA be authorized to conduct
such a study, and to prepare an application for federal funds,
with local matching funds not to exceed $40,000. The study
was expected to take approximately six months. It was sug-
gested that it be coordinated by ARMPC, with Central Atlanta
Progress, Inc., and the City of Atlanta Planning Department
participating, as well as outside consultants as needed.

A motion was made by Mr. Haverty and seconded by Mr. Bishop
that local funds of $40,000 for the study be approved, and
that the General Manager be authorized to make appropriate
application to HUD.

Atlanta Transit System - Busways Proposal

The Chairman reviewed briefly the recently proposed rapid bus-
ways concept of the Atlanta Transit System. He said Mayor Ivan
Allen had asked the Authority to evaluate the proposal and make
a recommendation concerning it. The Chairman had instructed

the staff to make an objective evaluation of the rapid busways
proposal and report back to the Board. After discussion, it was
the consensus of the Board that this should be done as soon as

Mr. Bennett announced that Messrs. Rich, Stuart, and Coil had
taped a program on transit for viewing Sunday, July 9, at
10:30 P.M. on WAGA-TV. Also, the Chairman would address the
Atlanta Rotary Club on transit on Monday, July 10, and Board
members were invited to attend as Mr. Bennett's guests.


Upon motion by Mr. Bishop, seconded by Mr. Adamson, the meeting
was adjourned at 4:45 P.M,

Next Meeting
August 1, 1967.

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