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MAY 2, 1967

The Board of Directors of the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid
Transit Authority held its regular meeting on May 2, 1967,
at 3:30 P.M. in the Conference Room of the Glenn Building,
Atlanta. Mr. Richard H. Rich, Chairman, presided.


M. C. Bishop (Fulton County)
Rawson Haverty (City of Atlanta)
K. A. McMillon (Gwinnett County)
W. A. Pulver (Fulton County)
Richard H. Rich (City of Atlanta)


Robert F. Adamson (City of Atlanta)
Sanford Atwood (DeKalb County)
Edgar Blalock (Clayton County)
Roy A. Blount (DeKalb County)
L. D. Milton (City of Atlanta)

Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority

H. L. Stuart, General Manager

Glenn E. Bennett, Secretary

King Elliott, Public Information Director
Earl W. Nelson, Chief Engineer

H. N. Johnson, Secretary to General Manager


J. A. Coil, Resident Manager, Parsons, Brinckerhoff-Tudor-
Bechtel, Atlanta

Lawrence Greene and Raul Garcia, Hammer, Greene, Siler
Associates, Atlanta

W. Stell Huie, Huie and Harland, Legal Counsel for the

J. D. Wingfield, Jr., Planning Director, Atlanta Region
Metropolitan Planning Commission

Mrs. Rachel Champagne, Assistant to the Executive
Director, Atlanta Region Metropolitan Planning

Margaret Hurst, Atlanta Constitution, Reporter

Thomas Nooner, General Railway Signal Company, Rochester,
New York

Frank Scott, Resident Representative, General Railway
Signal Company, Atlanta

Otto Hikade, General Railway Signal Company

The meeting was called to order by the Chairman.


The minutes of the April meeting were unanimously approved by
the members present. Due to lack of a quorum it was agreed
that this action would be ratified by the Board at the June

Financial Report

The General Manager reported that payments from the local
governments, with the exception of Gwinnett County, were on
schedule. Gwinnett County remains in arrears for the fourth
quarter of 1966 and the first quarter of 1967. Staff costs
were running according to budget, and a payment of $29,939.00
had been made to the Atlanta Region Metropolitan Planning
Commission in 1967, completing a commitment of $61,188.00 for
1966 and 1967, as matching funds for 701 Project Ga. P-49,
The statement is attached hereto and made a part of these

Progress Reports
General Manager

Mr. Stuart said studies were continuing on the feasibility
of an extension of the West Line to serve Six Flags Over
Georgia in Cobb County. It was believed that right-of-way
into this area would not be difficult to secure. It had not
been determined whether or not the patronage would make this
extension economically feasible, in view of the seasonal
nature of the recreation facility.
The General Manager said he.was selecting a group of five
professionals from the fields of architecture, landscape
architecture, city planning, and engineering, who would com-
prise an advisory committee to the Authority for the purpose
of reviewing plans as the work moves from preliminary engi-
neering into urban design. Mr. Stuart said the organizational
meeting of this committee would be held soon, and he would ask
for approval of an amendment to the budget at the next meeting,
to cover retainer fees for this committee.

It was announced that Mr. Robert L. Adamson, Treasurer of the
Authority, had been appointed a Director to fill the unexpired
term of Mr. Mills B. Lane, Jr., a City of Atlanta appointee,
who had recently resigned. :

The General Manager asked for approval of an expenditure of
$2,000.00 for annual membership dues in the Institute for
Rapid Transit. He said the annual workshop was helpful and
provided an exchange of information with the eleven member
operating or emerging transit authorities in the country.
After discussion of the program of the Institute and the
benefits of such a membership, it was decided that the $2,000.00
annual dues could not be justified at this time. The annual
meeting of the Institute for Rapid Transit, to be held in
Atlanta May 24-26, will provide an opportunity for members of
the Board to observe its work.

Mr. Stuart showed slides of operating transit systems in
Montreal, Toronto and Philadelphia, having recently returned
from a trip to observe these systems. He said each system
had gotten started without federal aid. A comparison of the
systems pointed out continuing improvements in materials,
decor, maintenance, and technology.

The General Manager announced that the Department of Housing
and Urban Development was sponsoring a one-day meeting in
Washington on May 22, on design in urban transportation. At
the request of HUD, the Authority would provide an exhibit at
that meeting, showing plans and progress of the Atlanta system,
and Messrs. Stuart, Elliott and Nelson would attend. Mr. Rich
said this would be an important meeting, and requested all
members who could go to do so. Mr. Stuart had also asked the
newly formed Advisory Committee to attend.

Public Information Director
Mr. Elliott reported on his recent trip to San Francisco. He

had gathered information from the Bay Area Rapid Transit Dis-
trict to assist in the development of the Authority's public

information program. A tentative outline of his findings
would be used in the Authority's planning for a bond referen-
dum. He showed slides of the BARTD rapid transit system now
under construction in San Francisco.

Parsons, Brinckerhoff-Tudor-Bechtel

Mr. Coil reported on a recent meeting with the Rapid Transit
Committee of the Atlanta Chamber of Commerce at which time
this Committee was brought up to date on planning and engi-
neering progress. Enlargements of recently acquired aerial
photographs were being assembled to support the Authority's
display at the Urban Design Conference in Washington on May 22.

Hammer, Greene, Siler Associates

Mr. Greene reported briefly for Hammer, Greene, Siler Asso-
Cliates and stated they were now receiving final cost esti-
mates from Parsons, Brinckerhoff-Tudor-Bechtel covering the
entire rapid transit system, broken down into five stages of
development. A complete draft copy of HGS's report would

soon be presented to the Authority and the Planning Commission
for review.

Mr. Bennett stated he had received approval from the Depart-
ment of Housing and Urban Development to extend the comple-
tion date of 701 Project Ga. P-49 to August 2, 1967. The
extension of time had been necessitated because of a delay
in receipt of information from the State Highway Department.
The approval of the extension would permit all work to be
completed according to contracts.

The Chairman introduced Mr. Earl W. Nelson, newly employed
Chief Engineer for the Transit Authority, and welcomed him
on behalf of the Board.

Mr. Rich reminded the Board of the luncheon meeting on Tuesday,
May 9, at the Commerce Club, at which time representatives
from the supporting governments would be brought up to date on
rapid transit progress in the metropolitan area. At this time
certain legislation would be discussed which the Authority
would seek to have approved in the next session of the General

Inquiry was made regarding the recovery of Mr. L. D. Milton
from a recent operation, and it was the expressed sentiment
of the Board that he would soon be completely recovered and
back at his office.

Mr. Rich requested that maps of all areas under discussion
be displayed at future meetings of the Board.


The meeting was adjourned at 4:30 P.M.

June Meeting Date

Due to the absence of the Chairman from the City on the next
regular meeting date of the Board, June 6, it was suggested

that it be postponed until 3:30 P.M., Friday, June 9. Mem-

bers will be contacted in the interim in order to determine

if this date is satisfactory.
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