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APRIL 4, 1967

The Board of Directors of the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid
Transit Authority held its regular meeting on April 4, 1967
at 3:30 P.M. in the Conference Room of the Glenn Building,
Atlanta. Mr. Roy A. Blount, Vice-Chairman, presided in

the absence of Mr. Bennett, Mr. Huie acted as Secretary.


Sanford Atwood (DeKalb County)

M. C. Bishop (Fulton County)
Edgar Blalock (Clayton County)
Roy A. Blount (DeKalb County)
Rawson Haverty (City of Atlanta)
K. A. McMillon (Gwinnett County)
W. A. Pulver (Fulton County)
Richard H. Rich (City of Atlanta)


L. D. Milton (City of Atlanta)
Mills B. Lane, Jr. (City of Atlanta)


Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority

King Elliott, Public Information Director
H. N. Johnson, Secretary to General Manager


J. A. Coil, Resident Manager, Parsons Brinckerhoff-Tudor-
Bechtel, Atlanta

W. O. Salter, Vice President, Parsons Brinckerhoff, Quade
& Douglas, Inc., San Francisco

Raul Garcia, Hammer, Greene, Siler Associates, Atlanta

W. Stell Huie and Harry Morgan, Huie and Harland, Legal
Counsel for the Authority


J. D. Wingfield, Jr., Planning Director, Atlanta Region
Metropolitan Planning Commission
Leon Eplan, Eric Hill Associates, Inc., Atlanta

The meeting was called to order by the Vice-Chairman.
- « « » « . In the absence of Mr. Bennett, Mr. Huie acted as


Upon motion by Mr. Blalock, seconded by Mr. McMillon, reading
of the minutes of the March 7 meeting was dispensed with and
they were unanimously approved. Mr. Huie noted that a correc-
tion had been made in the March minutes regarding cost esti-
mates as reflected in the last sentence under the Hammer,
Greene, Siler Associates report. A corrigendum had been for-
warded to all concerned by the Secretary and was included in
the unanimous approval of the March minutes.

Financial Report

The financial report was presented by the Vice-Chairman in

the absence of the General Manager who was in Montreal attend-
ing the Rail Transit Group Conference of the American Transit
Association. The statement reflected that Gwinnett County was
in arrears for the 4th quarter of 1966 and lst quarter of 1967
and Clayton County for the lst quarter of 1967. Appropriations
for the lst quarter had been received from the City of Atlanta
and DeKalb County. DeKalb County's payment was received after
preparation of the Financial Statement where it was entered as
an accounts receivable item. Second quarterly payment for 1967
from Fulton County had also been received. The financial state-
ment was accepted by the Board and is attached hereto and made
a part of these minutes.

Progress Reports


Mr. Blount presented the members with a copy of the General
Manager's "Quarterly Report of Contract Status, March 31, 1967"
to bring them up to date on the present status of the various
contracts with MARTA. After some discussion the report was
accepted by the Board and is attached hereto and made a part of
these minutes.

Parsons Brinckerhoff-Tudor-Bechtel

Mr. Coil stated the contractor for aerial photography was con-
tinuing his work in connection with field measurements in order
to provide back-up information for photogrammetry. This work
is proceeding on schedule and PBTB expects to receive the first
completed work in about 3 or 4 weeks. Patronage studies are
being processed in New York utilizing a computer. This data

is being incorporated into the patronage study here. Several
alternate means for transferring rapid transit cars on the East-
West to the North-South Lines has been considered. More study
is being given to this before making a recommendation in this
area. Mr. Coil said the Technical Coordinating Committee had
been briefed concerning the proposed rapid transit system and
that Planning Directors of the governments supporting MARTA:
had been supplied with maps of the proposed system. Initial
discussions with the various local governments is scheduled to
begin next week. Preparation of text and supporting drawings
in connection with the report on the 701 Contract was proceed-
ing and should be completed in approximately 6 weeks. Hammer,
Greene, Siler Associates are in the process of preparing cer-
tain aspects of this work which will be incorporated in the to-
tal plan. He stated that they had met with the City Consultant
on plans for construction at the airport and would continue to
consult with airport officials from time to time to keep abreast
of developments. Mr. Rich inquired as to the possibility of
running a spur of the transit line to the airport if the new
air terminal is not constructed within a reasonable period of
time. Mr. Coil said all possibilities for serving both the
airport and the surrounding community would be considered. Mr.
Haverty asked that consideration be given to the extension of
the West Line from I-285 across the Chattahoochee River into
Cobb County to serve the new amusement area, Six Flags Over
Georgia, if income derived from such a move would justify it.
Mr. Rich asked PBTB to give consideration to such a plan in
order to protect future right-of-way through the industrial
section in that area. He instructed Mr. Coil to meet with the
General Manager and report at the next meeting on the feasi-
bility of a study to extend the West Line to Six Flags Over
Georgia. Mr. Blount said the Stone Mountain Authority had asked
about the possibility of extending the East Line to Stone Moun-
tain and this should also be considered.

Hammer, Greene, Siler Associates

Mr. Garcia said they were currently assembling two final re-
ports, the first being a segment of the joint 701 report pre-
pared by PBTB and HGS which will summarize their analysis,
consider potential sources of financing, and contain a formula

for distributing the local share of MARTA's costs to the five
counties and the City of Atlanta, allowing for the inclusion
or exclusion of local areas such as Cobb County. The second
report is a comprehensive compilation of HGS work materials
produced primarily for the benefit of MARTA and ARMPC staffs.
HGS's study of possible new sources of funds reveals that a
sales tax would produce the required volume of revenue, is
easily implemented and is efficient. He stated there had

been some discussion of a statewide sales tax distributed back
to local governments on a per capita basis. HGS is currently
analyzing the potential revenues from such a tax for the metro-
politan area and will include these findings in the final re-
port in addition to their estimates of the revenue from a
local option sales tax and other possible sources. Further
investigations are being made of the availability of potential
federal funds. Mr. Garcia stated their representatives would
like to meet with members of MARTA prior to putting together
their final analysis and report.


Messrs. Rich and Elliott had returned during the meeting from
Jekyll Island where the Chairman had accepted the distinguished
meritorious award presented to the Transit Authority by the
Association County Commissioners of Georgia at their Annual
Convention April 2-4 at the Buccaneer Motel, Jekyll Island,
Georgia. Mr. Rich read the text on the Certificate of Appreci-
ation to the Board. It is quoted below:

"Association County Commissioners of Georgia presents
to, Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority, Certi-
ficate of Appreciation:

For its intergovernmental leadership and for the
progress it has made to provide the counties of
Clayton, DeKalb, Fulton and Gwinnett, and the

City of Atlanta, a fast, economical and comfort-
able transportation system. As befitting an inter-
governmental agency, its leadership is composed of
representatives of the involved governments dedi-
cated to the promotion of a common advantage. It
is under this kind of leadership, the ultimate

goal will be achieved.

Presented April 3, 1967 at 53rd Annual Convention at
Jekyll Island.

Signed Bruce Schaefer, President; Hill R. Healan, Execu-
tive Director."

Transit Line Tours

Mr. Blount said all members of the Board had not yet toured
the various transit lines and urged that they arrange to do
so at their earliest convenience.

Mr. Rich said it was important to begin planning now for any
legislation MARTA may require at the next session of the
General Assembly. Mr. Blount stressed the importance of
effective liaison between MARTA, county and city officials,
and the legislative delegations. He urged all MARTA Directors
to be in close and frequent contact with their respective
governmental and legislative leaders, discussing the plans

and needs of MARTA. A meeting with county and city officials
is planned for May 9, 1967.


The meeting was adjourned at 4:15 P.M.

W. Stell Huie
Counsel and Acting Secretary

NOTE: The next meeting of the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid
Transit Authority is scheduled for Tuesday, May 2,
at 3:30 P.M.

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