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Richard H. Rich, Chairman
Roy A. Blount, Vice Chairman
Glenn E. Bennett, Secretary

March 29, 1967 Henry L. Stuart, General Manager


MARCH 31, 1967.

Considerable progress has been made under our several con-
tracts and a detailed review is timely. Our contractural obli-
gations total $962,566 of which $616,709 (64%) represents the
federal portion and $345,857 represents the local matching funds.
The status of work shown is as of February 28, 1967:

I. The "701" Contracts signed June 28, 1966 total $183,566 of
which the federal portion is $122,376. The local portion of
Transit Authority funds is $61,189, all of which has been

paid to the ARMPC who is administering the work for us.

These projects are to update the 1962 report in its entirety.

The updated revisions will appear as a technical version and
a popular version of a bound report similar in format to the
1962 reports. The work is in three parts.

A. Hammer, Greene, Siler Associates has a $48,000 contract

to update the financing aspects which is about 70% com-

plete. It covers:
1, Methods of financing.

2. Sources of financing.

3- Derivation of formula for sharing the financial


load between the several political jurisdictions.
4. Assistance to local governments to evaluate their
financial ability.
5. Preparation of a financial plan in line with the

B. PBTB has a $100,000 contract to update the other parts
of the 1962 report which is about 70% complete. It

l. Route and station locations (90% complete).

2. Patronage, revenues and operating cost predictions
(75% complete).

3, Report preparation (20% complete).

C. ARMPC will use the remaining $35,566 for administration
and supervision of the HGS and PB-T-B contracts, its own
staff's work and auditing and overhead chargeable to the
entire updating project.

Each of these units of work provides inputs to the others so

they will continue to move ahead on a common front and should

be wrapped up this summer. ‘The contractural completion date
is May 2, 1967. The work was considerably delayed by the
late development of travel statistics by the Highway Depart-
ment and the completion date will not be met. The necessary
statistics are now in hand and the work is moving ahead at

a good pace. Our total project will not be damaged by the


The "702" Contract signed June 28, 1966 is for $125,000 with

PB-T-B to carry out preliminary engineering work on the

system from Oglethorpe to the Airport. This is an interest-
free federal loan that must be repaid when construction
begins. No local funds are involved. The preliminary
engineering work will be in sufficient detail to enable us
to initiate right of way acquisition, to provide us with
highly refined estimates of construction costs, and to pro-
vide us with a solid point of departure for the development
of final, detailed design and the preparation of contract
plans and specifications. Funds are requisitioned from WUD
in the exact amount required when we are invoiced. One
$30,000 requisition and payment has been made. The contract
is 44% complete. It covers:

A. Establishment of design basis by developing information

on: (65% complete)

1, Utilities.

2. Existing building foundations.
3. Subsurface structures.
4, Street and highway facilities.
5. Railroad structures,
6. Geology.
Preliminary design of typical and of selected special
items (49% complete) :
1. Structures.
2. Stations.
Functional layout of Transit Center,

Functional layout of shops and yards.


5. Equipment requirements.

Preliminary engitdertng plans (45%' complete) :

1. Base maps.

2. Alignment of tracks.

3. Station sites.

Cost estimates (not started):

1. Construction.

2. Right of way.
The contract carries a completion date of June 30, 1967, but
we have decided to integrate this work with the work being
done under the technical studies grant (below). As a result,
all of the preliminary engineering for the 44-mile system -
Doraville-Forest Park and west from Hightower Road to I-285
and east from Avondale Estates to I-285 - is being done simul-
taneously, aimed at a completion date of December 31, 1968.
The Technical Studies Grant (Section 9) Contracts are for a
total of $554,000 of which the federal portion is $369,333,

and the local portion is $184,667. Federal funds are re-

quisitioned quarterly in advance at a rate indicated by

progress of the work and the terms of the contracts. $40,000
has been requisitioned and received. $20,000 of local funds
must be deposited to this account out of our next receipts.

I anticipate that we will be invoiced for parts of this work
in May, 1967.

The work is divided into three parts and contracts have just
been signed and work is just getting under way.

A. PB-T=-B has a contract signed February 2, 1967 for $500,000

- 4 =


1. Preliminary Engineering:
(a) East Line to I-285.
(b) West Line to I-285.
(c) Northeast Line - Oglethorpe to Doraville.
(ad) South Line Airport to Forest Park.
2. Support at public hearings on whole system.
3. Formal Technical Report on all preliminary engineer-
ing (702 and Section 9).
ARMPC has a contract signed March 10, 1967 for $49,000
to make a Corridor Impact Study. $9,000 covers the
supervision and overhead they will provide to the sub-
contracts, Eric Hill Associates, who will do most of the
work of assessing the impact of our proposed rapid transit
system on the community. We will receive recommendations
for changes in community plans or rapid transit plans in
the event that adverse impact or missed opportunities are
The sub-contracts will check up on our relationship to:
1. Land use and related controls.
2- Public improvements planning.
3. Urban design.
4, Local development plans.
5. Urban renewal projects.
6. Private development plans.
7. Benefit to disadvantaged groups.

8. Other public programs.

Cc. Our impact on the Atlanta Transit will be substantial
and $5,000 has been reserved to start studies in this
field. More money will be sought in future applications.
I am in touch with ATS officials to determine the charac-

ter of necessary study and plans.

IV. The Retainer Agreement is a contract with PB-T-B for planning,
Consultant, or engineering services not covered by existing
contracts. Each item of work is authorized and budgeted by
the Board. PB-T-B cannot initiate any work under this con-
tract that will cause total charges under the contract to ex-
ceed $100,000. Its condition as of March 31, 1967 is as

Billing Total
1/1/67- Reported Thru
3/31/67 12/31/66 3/31/67

Pre-contract work

(Billing is complete) $ 964.61 $27,436.00 $28,400.61

Mobilization & Reloca-

tion (6 out of 8

authorized moves have

been made.) 2,249.45 10,448.39 12,697.84

Participation in Atlanta

Area Transportation Study

($1500 authorized) 387.38 811.55 1,198.93

Support before State Pro-

perties Control Commission

($1,000 authorized) Complete 1,073.99 1,073.99

Soils Library Study

($1400 authorized) Complete 1,468.50 1,468.50

Public Relations Support

($2,000 authorized) 446.71 359.66 806.37

Real Estate Consultation
($1250 authorized)
(Billing is complete) 1,443.12 ~ 1,443.12

Detailed Engineering
($2,000 authorized 1/3/67)

($5,000 authorized 3/7/67) 310.64 = 310.64
Total Expenditures $5,801.91 $41,598.09 $47,400.00
Unexpended Authorizations $ 8,184.06
Balance $44,415.94

58 =

The road ahead:

We have had one round of discussions with the U. S. Depart-
ment of Housing and Urban Development about the next application
we should file. Matching funds for this grant will be those appro-
priated by the 1967 General Assembly. The application will cover:

1, Title searches of selected right-of-way parcels.

2. Early acquisition of critical right-of-way parcels.

3. A plan for relocation of uprooted persons.

4, Employment of Urban Planning (architectural) consultants.

5. Continued work on Atlanta Transit System impact and

coordination plan.

6. First steps in detailed design of Transit Center.

7. Financial operations plan and organization.

8. Preservation of historical sites and structures.

Target date for this application is July 1, 1967. Further
conferences with HUD people will caivefully refine the particulars

of the above. Item 2 has top priority.

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