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MARCH 7, 1967

The Board of Directors of the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid
Transit Authority held its regular meeting on March 7, 1967,
at 3:30 P.M. in the Conference Room of the Glenn Building,
Atlanta. Mr. Richard H. Rich, Chairman, presided.


Sanford Atwood (DeKalb County)

M. C. Bishop (Fulton County)

Roy A. Blount (DeKalb County)
Rawson Haverty (City of Atlanta)
K. A. McMillon (Gwinnett County)
L. D. Milton (City of Atlanta)
W. A. Pulver (Fulton County)
Richard H. Rich (City of Atlanta)


Edgar Blalock (Clayton County)
Mills B. Lane, Jr. (City of Atlanta)

Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority:

H. L. Stuart, General Manager

Glenn E. Bennett, Secretary

Robert F. Adamson, Treasurer

King Elliott, Public Information Director
H. N. Johnson, Secretary to General Manager


J. A. Coil, Resident Manager, Parsons, Brinckerhoff-
Tudor, Bechtel, Atlanta

Lawrence Greene, Hammer, Greene, Siler Associates,

Raul Garcia, Hammer, Greene, Siler Associates, Atlanta

Tom Watson Brown and Harry Morgan, Huie and Harland,
Legal Counsel for the Authority


Charles Haar, Assistant Secretary for Metropolitan
Development, Department of Housing & Urban
Development, Washington

Vincent Hearing, Administrative Assistant, Department
of Housing & Urban Development, Washington

Art Davis, Deputy Director of Land and Facilities
Development, Department of Housing & Urban
Development, Washington

Charlie Sonnebron, Public Relations Director, Depart-
ment of Housing & Urban Development, Washington

Edward H. Baxter, Regional Administrator, Department
of Housing & Urban Development, Atlanta

A. Frederick Smith, Acting Assistant Regional Adminis-
trator for Program Coordination and Services,
Department of Housing & Urban Development, Atlanta

Thomas J. Armstrong, Acting Assistant Regional Adminis-
trator for Metropolitan Development, Department of
Housing & Urban Development, Atlanta

Henry Fillmer, Department of Housing & Urban Development,

Jack Ingram, Department of Housing & Urban Development,

Otis Brumby, Cobb County Observer

J. D. Wingfield, Jr., Planning Director, ARMPC

Rachel Champagne, Assistant to the Executive Director,

Junie Hamilton, Atlanta Journal

Alex Coffin, Atlanta Constitution

Earl W. Nelson, Deputy Division Director, State Highway
Department of Ohio

The meeting was called to order by the Chairman.


Upon motion by Mr. Blount, seconded by Mr. Bishop, the read-
ing of the minutes of the February meeting was dispensed with
and they were unanimously approved.

Financial Report:

The financial report was presented by the General Manager.
The statement reflected the fact that the counties of Clayton,
DeKalb and Gwinnett were in arrears for their 1967 appropria-
tions. The General Manager said he had been in contact with
these governments and expected payments soon. After a brief
discussion of the format of the statement, it was accepted
by the Board.

The financial statement is attached hereto and made a part
of these minutes.

Progress Reports:


General Manager:

Mr. Stuart reported on a recent trip to Washington, and
mentioned visits with Congressmen Fletcher Thompson and
Ben Blackburn. He said he had sent information about
MARTA to each of the Congressmen to inform them of the
plans for the area and to solicit their help in Congress.

Mr. Stuart had toured the proposed southern line of the
system and mentioned possible alternates. The Chairman
and others discussed the need for the southern line to

serve the stadium if possible.

An application to the State of Georgia for transit funds
was being prepared, and Mr. Stuart said it would be sub-
mitted at the appropriate time.

Parsons, Brinckerhoff-Tudor, Bechtel:

Mr. John Coil, Resident Manager of Parsons, Brinckerhoff-
Tudor, Bechtel, reported that his firm had studied alter-
nate southern lines and had developed an alternate which
would generally follow the south expressway. In answer

to questions by members of the Board, he said access of
this proposed alternate southern line to the airport
terminal should depend upon plans of the local governments
to build a new air terminal. Mr. Coil said coordinated
timing of construction of the two proposed facilities
would be extremely important. The engineers felt that in
the absence of firm plans for relocating the terminal, the
proposed transit line should not be designed to serve that
particular location.

Detailed design of proposed construction in the gulch area
had been reviewed with contractors, who had cooperated in
the design and placement of supporting columns of build-
ings so as not to interfere with the transit system's
proposed turn-around in the area.

Mr. Coil said the contractor for aerial photography,
MAPCO, Inc., had been given authority to complete photo-
grammetry on the east, west, and central lines, in that
order of priority.

Preliminary cost estimates for the 63.5 mile system had
been completed and the engineers were ready to work with
the economic consultants toward further refinement of
those estimates.

Parsons, Brinckerhoff-Tudor, Bechtel had submitted a

plan and profile of the proposed Atlanta system to their
San Francisco office. Through the use of computers there,
a program could be developed showing most economical
speeds and timing between stations.

3. Hammer, Greene, Siler Associates:

Mr. Lawrence Greene of Hammer, Greene, Siler Associates
reported that a new set of tentative cost estimates by
six breakdowns had been submitted to them by the engi-
neers. More information was to be submitted on estimated
patronage and a cost schedule by years.

The Hammer firm was developing final figures on required
participation by the local governments. Analyses of costs
being developed would include the total system, including
the Cobb County portion.

In response to questions of Board members, it was ex-
plained further by Mr. Greene and Mr. Coil that cost
estimates would be prepared for (1) the initial system;

(2) the intermediate system (about 36 miles, with exten-
sions) and (3) the total system of approximately 63.5
miles. These cost estimates would not include any capital
improvements other than rolling stock.

Contracts for Corridor Impact Study:

The General Manager asked for authorization to execute a
contract between the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit
Authority and the Atlanta Region Metropolitan Planning Commis-
sion, for $49,000.00 to cover the cost of the corridor impact
study, discussed at the February meeting.

Mr. Bishop made a motion that the General Manager be empowered
to execute the contract between the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid
Transit Authority and the Atlanta Region Metropolitan Planning

Commission for $49,000.00 for the corridor impact study.
Mr. Blount seconded the motion, and it was unanimously passed.

Mr. Bennett said the Planning Commission had, at its February 27

meeting, passed a similar resolution authorizing the execution
of this contract.

Authorization under Retainer Agreement:

The General Manager reviewed an earlier authorization by the
Board for an expenditure of $2,000.00 for study of relocation
of tracks in the gulch area to cooperate with proposed con-
struction in the area and also provide for transit lines. This
had been used successfully, and Mr. Stuart said he anticipated
the Nasher Corporation would soon require similar studies for
the area near the State Capitol if MARTA's interests in that
area were to be protected. He requested authorization to con-
tract with the engineers for an additional $5,000.00 if re-
quired, for similar studies in the Capitol area.

Mr. Bishop made a motion that the General Manager be empowered
to negotiate a contract under the retainer agreement for what-
ever work was required for studies in the Capitol area gulch
in connection with proposed construction in that area, with a
limitation on the contract of $5,000.00, making a total
authorization for the studies of the two areas limited to
$7,000.00. Mr. McMillon seconded the motion, and it was
unanimously passed.

Authorization for Opening of a New Bank Account:

Mr. Stuart said a new bank account was needed for funds of the
new project recently approved, and after discussion, it was
agreed that these funds would be deposited in the Fulton
National Bank. It was further agreed that authorization for
signing of checks be the same as the account of the 702 project,
namely: either the Chairman, Vice Chairman or Secretary, and
either the General Manager or Chief Engineer.

Mr. Haverty made a motion that the General Manager be empowered
to open a new bank account in the Fulton National Bank, for the
deposit of funds of the newly approved project, and that signa-
ture authorization for that account be the same as the 702
account. The motion was duly seconded and unanimously passed.
Statements by Officials from HUD:

Mr. Charles Haar, Assistant Secretary for Metropolitan Develop-
ment, Department of Housing and Urban Development, Washington,
had met with elected officials and professional staff of the
local governments at a luncheon meeting earlier, and had pre-
sented a check for $40,000.00 to Mr. Rich. This represented
the first installment of the newly approved project to the
Transit Authority. Mr. Haar commended the Authority for its
work and expressed the willingness of officials in the Depart-
ment to cooperate with local governments whose plans were
coordinated for development of needed capital improvements.
Mr. Baxter of the Regional Office also expressed confidence

in MARTA, and offered the full resources of his office to
assure that an appropriate share of federal funds would con-
tinue to be made available to metropolitan areas in the South-

The Chairman expressed the need for better communication with

the public and said full understanding by the community was
necessary to the success of the project.


The meeting was adjourned at 4:45 P.M.

NOTE: The next meeting of the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid
Transit Authority is scheduled for Tuesday, April 4.
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