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Ah Vor


644 Memorial Drive, SE

Atlanta 12, Georgia-U.S.A.

Macch 7th, 1967-Tuesday-P


Dear Mayor Allen:
«.eAnd Good Morning:

While the Yankees get the faster (150 to 183 m.p.h.) trains, and
get into the jet-age of rail road passenger trains, we here in the
south have to settle for a depleting policy of passenger railroad
trains as the malnutriciously anemic skeleton services catering

to the Georgians and the Atdantans.

In one decade we have had a remarkable doubling and more of our
population here in Atlanta, but, in retrospective viewing, we see
the shameful fact that the rail services serving a population mul-
tiplying city as ours, has lost the majority of its passenger trains.
In the last three and half years alone, we have lost Pullman Service
to St. Louis, Cincinnati, Mobile, New Orleans, Jacksonville, and
to Brunswick, Memphis, Kansas City, Portsmouth, Norfolk, and to
Birmingham (departed, once, late, and set out early); and, there
is the now-dead service to Charleston and Wilmington.

Let's whip the North in semething -- how about a new railroad sta-
tion, for a starter, then over-nite Sleeper trains to Jacksonville,
and the other city destinations mentioned above.

Sure, we need air service, but we also need railroad long-haul and
meditZim =haul rail service.

Mayor, what can you do to improve our image in front of the other
49 States and the thousands of other cities in the United States?
After all, we are a large, important city -- in a very important State".

Roy Christian Kendel

. Cry Oslo 38

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