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. tS'eops
W h e n H a n k Get s Riled,
He Really H a mme r s 'Em
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baseball, b u t he h as a way of doing it tha t avoids per -
He is by far t h e mos t accessibl e of a ll t h e so-called
Super Stars in baseb a ll. He has a keen sense o f hu m o.r,
Jau.a-hs eas ily at his own expense, and is p os::;essed
with so mu5,:h talent that al m ost everything h e d oes
appears effortless, s on1etirnes lazy .
There . are those who say h is -major league career
is being prolonged by such firm. control of his emotions, and there are others who say lac1c of fire in
Aaron's makeup deprives the Atlanta Braves of the .
on-the-field leadership so vi tal to championship ath-
letic teams.
So it was w ilh somewh a t mixed fee lin·gs t h at peoff!JJ~!rfr~~t3d h\l~e c\1:,~ ~~;a~tpw~!~/hs~\n1!e~!'/m~~-t:
made at a booster c lub banquet by Milo Hamilton ,
U1e Atlanta radio a nnouncer.
MANAGER BILLY HITCHCO CK, rushing q u i ck ly
to Aaron's defense, could not h elp but be s ecrelly
happy over Urn contr o ver sy.
In two ga,111es t h ereafte r , H a nk
~:r. s~r~;1 ~t!~ i1~./!i~:
t143.215.248.55s ; ~
s howed 1n o re aggr essiveness
t h a n anyon e in these parts h as
ever seen h i m display.
ft was in jest, but w'ith
some semblance of truth, that
a wag com-niented after Sunday's tremendous exhibition by
Aaron that it would be a good
investment to hire a h a nd to
visit H enry each day with just
one re?nark : « Robe-rto Clem.ente' s a b e tter outfie lder t/ian
you are."
Act u a lly, t h at is not w h at
Hank Aaron
Ham ilt o n said. nor w h ~t Aar on
got angry a bou t . M ilo's remark was to the effect t h at l ast yea r·, in the All-St ar
game. Aaorn was s h ifted lo left field to m ake room
for Cl emente in right, i mplyin g that b aseba ll pl ayers
f.ivorcd CJemente.
AARON'S DISPLEASURE was in being broug h t
into verbal testimonial to C le m e n te, in t he first place,
and to Hamilton's ig norance of t h e facts. Aaron got
n1a,,·e v ote;; for o utfielde r i n the A U-Star game than
did Cle111e nte a .fear ago, and coutd h-avc -s-tactcd in
right H h e had insist e d upon lt. He s hifted to Jeft at
the r equest of Al l-Star Manager Walter Alston.

Duroch er Set OfAi C o n trove rsy
A year ago down here th e r e was a big c ontroversy going over whether Aar on was as good a n outfielder as Willie Mays. L eo Durocher s e t tha t o ne
off, and coincidentally, h e d id it in a s peech at a nother Atlant a Booster n1eetin g. L e o took Mays , of
c.Actually, I 'm flattered to be -nientioned with
Willie Mays or Clernente when people get to talking
about who's the b est outfielder playing today/' said
Hank. '"I 'm.. perfectly wilting f or rny re cord to s p eak
for rne .
The record s p ea ks loudly . H e has a life t ime b atting average of .317 . To d ate h e has h it 453 h o n1.e
runs, ha·s batted in 1 ,461 men . I-Ie is r egard e d , w ith
Mays, as the very best base r u nne r in the Nat ion a l
League, not becau se of the bases h e stea ls, b u t because h e- seld om ever gets th row n out t a k ing an extra base. He has a great arm , h e has 1nore tha n adequate speed. And w hen h e gets mad, h e's viciou s a t
the right place-at h o me pl a te. w ith a base ball bat
ln hi s han d. The 1,irob!.em ~s k;e ping hi m mad .
It Takes Ho(l1ers To Draw Fans
The Braves, w ho o pen a t hree-ga me
~fa143.215.248.55t 2Jh3at!~ a\0h~:n;!e 1d:1w~0 16:51, 29 December 2017 (EST)J2o 1~ evo~
pie. That's s ome 22.000 less than at a c orres pon d ing
time d uring their firs.t season i n the South . Almost
all the difference can be traced r igh t b a ck to o pe nit1g
aron and Joe Torre are the main reasons that
fans are flocking through the turnstiles in suc h great
numbers . They h i t ho'm-e runs, Still the greatest at- ·
traction baseball has to o
s 11 Torr
Al'm.ost anyone who has ever seen a base all:
game knows t hat Atlanta cannot win the National
League pennant--yet i t is an interesting team an
espi e mJunes an 1 n esses
epri ved
him of his two best p itc h e1·s, Tony C loninger and Ken
Johnson, for much of the ea r l y goin g, Manager Hitch-
cock has the cJub p laying a t a 1nu c h be tte r pace t ha n
a year ago . W ith a record of 18-16, t h e Braves a r e
two games above the .500 m a rk. A year ago t h ey were
two games under the break-eve n poi nt.

Unpopular Walke r o n W ay O ut?
Harr.v \Valker, the talkatiVe A l abaman man aging the P ittsburgh Pirates, is as unpopul a r w it h his
players as was Bobby Bra_gan with t he Braves a year
ago. Sources c lose to the Pirates say only a p e nna nt
can save \.Valker's job 1 a nd they add, the penna nt
will never be won with him as 1nanager.
Admittedly, Walker is one of baseball's keenest
stu6'ents especially in the art of hitting. His problem with the players , it seems, is that he never knows
when to leave t h em, alone. I-I arn1 is a stickl er for per-
h16:51, 29 December 2017 (EST)~· 16:51, 29 December 2017 (EST)lk~oc:i~~1¢i7fatf::i
c~~e~~=n~~y:vitntelZ,_~ t~0
at a time when the h?tter.<; sf10ulcl be practicing that,
as well as their hitting.
One report ci in t h e lobby of the hote l
where the Pirates lived du r in g their fonr ga m es w it h
the Braves h ad \.Valker e nforc ing a b e d check on V e rnon Law, a d eacon in t he Mormon Churc h a n d perhaps the most devout baseb a ll pl aye r i n the m ajor
True or not, it m a kes the point of w h y hi s players
do not like him.

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