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Zabloekl Plans J.,eglslatl~n
House Bill Would Strip
Baseball of Exemptio~
Ai!-OClaTtd P'r ('U
Rep. Clement J. Zablocki (D Wis.) said last night he will introduce legislation to strip nrgan izecl professional baseball
f its· pl'esent exemptio n fro m the Nation 's antitrust Jaws .
Za bl<><:ld and othe r me mbers of Congress from Wisconsin
were strong ly o pposed to t he mo e of t he Milwaukee Brave!
to Atlanta, which came in• - - pite of ef forts by t he stzte of
Wisconsin to prevent the lie and Congressional opinior
that base ball's "high-bandec
"Now that t he Supreme flaunting of the public interr ·
Court has re/used to review the muSt be stopped."
adve rse decision in t he Braves
Passage o( his ·bill , Zablurk
case," Zablocki said in a state- said. would not mean return 01
ment, "new legislation appear the Braves t~ Milwauk~e. How
to be a lmost the only hope of ever. he said be believes r
breaking the arbitr;iry power of would expedite the for mat ior
baseball owne rs and restoring or a new major league or rapic
th.e game to the fans."
expansion of the p re s e n 1
Similar legi lation was intro 1 agues
duced by Zal;llockl at the be- rr ba eba ll is stripped of it!
ginning of the 89th Congre~s. prP ent exemption from anti
1The bill was sent to the lfot1se t r u t la\1 s, he aid, it is proba
Judicia ry Committee , \l-h1ch ble that feat ures of the present
took no action.
v trm, such as territo ria
i Stating he is hopeful of a·greement s and the reserV£
action on his p roposal 111 th!' ddl1'P binding a plc1yer to one
90th Congress, Zablo('ki -,11u hP learn until he is sold or re
~lieves there is gro\\ 1n ::: p11h- ll'asl·d. would be struck clown

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