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August 25, 1967
Honorable Dick Lane
The House of Representatives
2704 Humphries Street
East Point, Georgia
Dear Dick:·
Thank you for your kind letter of October 23rd.
As stated in my talk the other evening, I feel that Atlanta
i entitled to the right and opportunity of normal growth
and expan ion; thi includes taking into con ideration the
needs and desire of the other government in the area.
I m not famili r t the present time with the Commi ion's
report on the merger of the chool sy tems of Atlanta and
Fulton County. l would think, however, that people in Atlanta,
who, within themselves, con titut ne rly 80% of the people
of Fulton County, hould have the same right as the other ZO%
of the citizens of Fulton County.
It i my hepe that in the near future meeting of the county
commia ioner
nd repre entative of city government could
be held in order that n ce ary tep could be planned to
provid for a detailed profe ion l study of both the need
and the beneficial results of a metropolitan government.
Until thi is done factually, I m £raid all of u
ill be limited
in the information we can furni h in r g rd to the questions
your iaed.
Ivan All n, Jr.

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