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Box 3, Folder 7, Document 45

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PHON E 522-4463
George Berry
Da n:
Le s i mp l ie s t h~ t thor e is some l egal
r e ason why t he d c ity d oes not have
recreati onal prog rams in housing pro~ects.
This is in error . The only l imita ti on
is budgetary for the Parks Department
and faci l ities (park space, recrea t i onal
buildings) etc that are provided by
the Authority when one of the projer,ts
are constructed.
A t-.ou t three yeqrs ago, the City had a
c ontract with Senior Citizens Services,
Inc. for such programs in the three
high r i se building s f or the elderly.
'. rhey have recreational facilities in
thes e buildings .
We should .have recreational programs in
the housing projects. There is really
only one reas on whHy we don't: money.
FORM 25-20

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