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Box 21, Folder 20, Document 22

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October 18, 1967
Hon. Milton G . Farri
Gulf OU Corporation
P . O. Box 7245, Station C
Atlanta, Georgia 30309
Dear Milt n:
Attached is copy of the lette,: I ha.v a nt to
Aldermen Millican and Freenian, the three
County Commissioners, our City Attorney and
th C unty Attorney confirming the arr geme.nts
de to have lunch next Wedne,•day to di the
m .e rger. l have indicated "Confidentialn on each
let r ith the hope that we c u1d have ,a private
dla.cus•ion of this matt r.
Sincerely your•,
Iv. n Allen, Jr.
M yo-r

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