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Ju I y .31 ,
S nator Richard B. Ru a I I
Senate Offlc Bui I ding
W hlngton, O. C.
Deer Dick:
Why Is It lmposslble to get enyon to dlsc:u s the true causes of
riots, clvl I disturbance, dlaorders .and racial problems?
Th actual facts er
long per iod of time.
Theae fecta
v ry s impl e , end hav
been devt1loplng over
Inflation, ceuaed by top polltlcel lead rs of both parties
for ••vo t e get t Ing" purpoaea.
lnflatlon haa been caused by wllllngn••• of top polltlcal
t..eedera to atand Idle wh ll e union• have puahed
ge scales
to unreasonable heights, nd by polltlcal Iner•••• of
minimum wage lev la.
Iner••• d weg•• hav·e forced al I employers to dispense wl th
mo•t unakll led workers.
Unakl lled workera have migrated to reaa especially conditioned
for polltlc:.1 nuralng, end vote control.
Nursing and ldleneaa become unacceptable and Intolerable
for teena and adulta, both black and white, after some
period of time. Different cltlea, or different geographical
areoa , probably have different time perloda of toler nee
I n th I a reapec t •
Harry Hopkins announced this pollcy years ago as, "Spend end
elect, elect and tax, tax end spend".
Effective treetment for these problem• wl II be drastic, but untl I
somethin g effective Is done there wl II only be continued deterlotot Ion on our
notional scene.
The most aenalble end effective treatment would be:
Ellmlnetlon of the 20, per hour Increase In minimum wage
acale, scheduled to become effective February, 1968.
Abaolute refuMI of top polltlcel leaders end ell gov-~nt
agencl•• to sanction wage lncrNaee, both by union• and by
gove'""'*'t•I anploy ....
�SeMfOr Richard
• Ra, . . . , I
July JI, 1161
A freeze, or ••111n9, of th••• pollcln for, or 10 yeara •
Excna Profl ta Tax for 8uala... , Corporate & Peraonel for
thl. p(ff'lod.
,. Location of future houalng project• In rural arNa, wfth
wnl ta apecM to prfv14e gr. .en arNa, and aome spaced~
to provlff working groulld
Raovet of ~
11,led pe
u::a,.,....,,... central cl ty arNa to th... rural arNa.
cs. G,_..I faprov. .nt of educat Ion at all levele, wl th
haal a
on trade: schoO Ia above hI gt\ Khoo I Ieve I • Forget ebou t the
hyaterlc:al epproeu to educatlo, avch •• now exlata 1cm
la In effNt cal""' for • •college _,,.. for everyone•;
. 4.
TIie ell IMtfon of the alnl ... _,. _ , . , lncrNMa, and other
Iner•-, p&41a lmpoaftr• of exc... proflta ,_.. wauld pennlt our ec
to take • b.-..tlllng apel 1, with I ta prl•ry pu,,-. Nl119 to rMUce the
el lmlnat Ion ef
for unakl I IN WDrkera.
There la nothing dlahonorable In being• unaklllN worker.
wtt.n our nat1onel attitude rNChn • COMltlon of hyaterle doH thla haw
authoratl" voice, end• ere naw apparently la that atate. I think It la
ti• labor la recognized for lta worth, both unakllle4 an, akllle~.
It la ~rtelnly -.ich better for an unakllled pereori to be buay et
• prod\lctlv• Job, th• to be l~le, on relief, or rl ting. Make It poaalble
for atployera to provide uriakl I led )'ab•, lnatMd of cr•tlng • cl hate which
fore•• ap Ioyera to e 11 I!'•t• uriak 111 M Jobe.
can an effective group -~• put together, hOpefully out of which
• aat l~•I lnder could _.rge to "pvt the Ml I" on thl a type of a Mt lenal
progr•P la the country too far dcMII the drain for the people to return t•
camion aenNf
I an aeMlng thla ._. letter to Senator Tai
Congreaarnu Stephena.
With b"t wluea, I • ,
Yours al ncerel y,
dge, COngreaaeA Fly11t.

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