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April 25, 1967
ATLANTA, GA. 30303
Tel. 522-4463 Area Code 404
R. EARL LANDERS, Administrative Assistant
MRS. ANN M. MOSES, Executive Sec retary
DAN E. SWEAT, JR., Director of Governmental Liaison
Mr. Earl Landers
Dan Sweat
Attached is a copy of a report prepared for Mayor Allen
showing scheduled improvements or activities in four lowincome areas of the city this summer.
Three of these areas are encompassed within the four
target areas we have selected for the proposed pilot project
to coordinate city services. The City Services Coordination
program would include Kirkwood, Edgewood and several
other identifiable neighborhoods adjacent to or near the
areas covered in the attached Mayor's report.
In order that we· proceed w ith planning and programming
of the pilot project, the following recommendations are
Four positions should be created on a temporary
basis for the period June 1 - September 1 to serve
as city services coordinators in the Offi ce of the
Mayor. These coordinators would be on the salary
range of Inspection D e partment area supervisors.
They would be hous ed in EOA n eighborhood service
centers w ithin each targ e t neighborhood. For the
propos ed organizational chart see Attachment A .
�Mr. Landers
Page Two
April 25, 1967
The city services coordinators would be responsible
for identification of city service problem areas within
their target neighborhoods and for communication of
these problems to the proper city department or agency.
They would be familiar with community groups as well
as city departments and the services they offer.
The overall objective would be to identify problems
and take remedial action before these problems
generate unnecessary trouble within the area.
They would be under the coordination of Johnny Robinson
from the Mayor's Office.
Each coordinator should be provided with one clerical
worker. EOA has agreed to provide scime neighborhood
aides to assist in identification of problems and
investigation of complaints. E OA will also provide
space for a maximum of four housing code inspectors
who will also be able to bring to the attention of the city
services coordinators unfavorable conditions which
exist and which should be corrected.
In communicating this proposed project to the department heads, it should be stressed that there is no
intention that the city services coordinators would
direct any department or departmental personnel to
take any action. Once a problem is brought to the
attention of the departme nt it is up to the department
to determine w hether or not such action is justified
and should be taken. In those cases where budgetary
restrictions or legal restrictions prevent action
from being take n, th e city services coordinator will
communicat e message s to the community concerned with
the problem.
I would recommen d approval of this project at the earliest possible
date in order that we might b e able to select very car efully the
�Mr. Landers
Page Three
April 25, 1967
four coordinators for this sumrner's program. Also we would
need time to prepare complaint forms, informational material
and briefing material for the coordinators and their staff
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