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847 Gertrude Place, N. W,
Atlanta, Georgia 30318
January 9, 1967

The as Ivan Allen
Mayor of the City of Atlanta
Atlanta, Georgia

Dear Mr. Allen;

Please pardon the taxing of your office with this matter
again but we have called it to re attention of the Office of
Stream Pollution in the Health Department so often that it is
no longer receptive to our reports.

This letter addresses itself to the problem of Proctor
Creek, The pogice which flows near the North West portion
of Bankhead “venue and through our yards is badly polluted.

This matter was called to your attention in April 1966,
by the Gertrude Place Community Club, after which we enjoyed
a relief from the foul odor,insects and unsightly view which
this stream brings. For this we are grateful. However,
since late summer, we have again been plagued with this problem.
It is now constantly visibly polluted and reported illnesses
have been attributed to the foul odor.

Again we solicit your help in correcting this matter.
Very truly,

el a os

Hazel 4. Brown (Mrs.)

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