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May 15, 1967 Tel. 522-4463 Area Code 404


R. EARL LANDERS, Administrative Assistant
MRS. ANN M. MOSES, Executive Secretary
DAN E. SWEAT, JR., Director of Governmental Liaison

Honorable Richard H. Russell
United States Senate

Senate Office Building
Washington, D. C.

Dear Senator Russell:

RE: Telephone conversation May 15, 1967,
on Summer Recreation with Bill Jordan

Enclosed is a rundown on the City of Atlanta's 1967 special
summer recreation needs in low-income neighborhoods which
I discussed with Mr. Jordan in your absence this morning.

You will note that the proposed 1967 summer recreation program
budget sheet lists those projects which would be operated by the
City Government, through its Parks and Recreation Department,
the Atlanta Public Schools, United Appeal Agencies, the Economic
Opportunity Atlanta Neighborhood Service Centers, and the

Fulton County programs,

This $570, 119 total represents merely those extra summer

activities which are urgently needed in the slurn areas over

and above those programs and activities which the City and

the various agencies are able to do within the limits of their
regular budgets.

The amounts shown for the various United Appeal agencies under
the '1966 Budget" column are listed to show what these agencies
spent through the special summer program last year. Since EOA
had not received any specific proposals from these particular
agencies for this summer's program, these amounts were merely
included in anticipation that these agencies would do at least as
much as they did in 1966,

Senator Russell
Page Two
May 15, 1967

You will note in the other attachments that we have worked very
diligently with other public and private agencies as well as the
business and civic community in enlisting community-wide support
for our summer recreation and employment program,

We have received some help through the Rich Foundation, Sears
Roebuck, the Atlanta Labor Council, and other private business
and civic organizations.

We have also drawn funds from other critically needed programs
in order to increase our activities in the disadvantaged communities.

With the $570, 119 we have requested as a part of the $75,000,000
special summer appropriation requested from the Congress, we
“feel that we will be able to carry on a reasonable summer program
for more than 160,000 young people and adults who are not
economically able to provide their own.

We hope that you will lend your support to this appropriations
request for the City of Atlanta and other cities throughout the
state and nation.

Sincerely yours,

Ivan Allen, Jr.

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