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.August 8 , 1969
Mr . Les Per ells
Executive Db:ector
Atlanta Housing A uthodty
8Z4 Hurt Building
.Atlanta, Geoir ia 30303
Dear Le :
It ha com to my attention th t perhaps the C ntral Relocation Service is not
emphaeizin private houaing resource aa much a public housing resou;rces
hen as i8ting per on di placed within the city.
l am certain that this i wrong nd m ure that the
ency k · p6 a complete
up-to-date inv ntory of pri te bO\l&in r source to refe:r p rsons to when
they itb r do not qualify for public hou ing or could beet be s rved by
relocation in private h
So at l c n b in -po ition to n
. r th • que•Uona, I would very much
appr c!ate it if you could supply m with a memor ndum s ttlng forth th
activitiea of the C ntra.l R. location Service a they relat to private houeln •
Sp cifically. tho method you ua in compilin information on the availability
o! priv te housing. poaeibly · copy of r c nt: inventory.
d the procedure
you ua to d .t rmln wb.eth r or n.ot dbplac
bould be ref rred to pri t
OU J.n •
Dan E.
eat, Jr
Chief .Admini•tr ti
DE Jr;j

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