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The Atlanta Youth Council is serving as the task-force for this campaign.
Rather than confine this year's campaign to summer employment only, both
at the suggestion of the Vice President and because the logic of his suggestion
was already apparent to many here in Atlanta, our program will include
employment, education, recreation and in a secondary way, health.

A. Because the schools provide the ideal vehicle for selling this program
to high school age youth, we have developed this program through
the high school counselors. _

1. April 26: Memorandum will go to counselors and principals
of 26 high schools outlining the program and asking for their
enthusiastic support,

May 1: Kit going to each school will contain:

a. Abbreviated employment application forms for summer
jobs through the State Department of Labor's Youth
Opportunity Center, together with return envelopes
for transmitting completed applications back to the
Center. This early recruitment will help eliminate
the logjam that occurs at the Center when school is
out; it will give the less motivated youth the guidance
of the counselor in taking this important first step;
and it will put summer paying jobs in perspective
with other types of summer opportunity.

Colorful posters for display throughout schools will
feature a message appealing to this age group.

Sun-burst design lapel buttons which use a "teaser
approach" to generate interest in Youth Opportunity
Week, They simply say ''I Am" in response to the
slogan ''Be a Summer Swinger", which appears on
the poster and other material.

Comic books developed by U. S. Department of Labor
as part of the Youth Opportunity Campaign kit.

May 4; Comic books will be distributed through junior and
senior home-rooms and strong announcement made of Youth
Opportunity Week, May 8 - 15.

May 8: Employment application forms will be made


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available through junior and senior home-rooms and
students urged to consider the whole range of summer
opportunity - paying jobs, volunteer work with Head
Start programs, summer school and recreation
programs - and discuss these with the counselor.
Counselors will have information on summer school

and basic recreation programs and will refer volunteers
to the Head Start volunteer recruiters.

Since many youth who need to be reached by this program are school
drop-outs, this information will also be disseminated through the
Neighborhood Service Centers and City recreation centers.

News media will be provided with full information, suggestions for
special programming,public service announcement tapes and slides.

The campaign will make a strong appeal to the private sector to provide
summer jobs - 10% to 20% more than summer 1966.

1. A mail campaign to 13,000 employers in the metro area will
consist of;

a. Initial mailing from State Department of Labor
b. Mailing from Atlanta Youth Council

c. Mailing from Youth Opportunity Center, offering
incentive of a Braves baseball ticket (similar to
1966 program) for each summer job made available
to youth

2. News releases will go to Atlanta Chamber of Commerce,
business and civic associations, news media, etc.,
spelling out the whole campaign but making special
appeal to employers.

Three concurrent surveys are inventorying our recreation resources
and preliminary findings indicate urgent need for expanded recreation

opportunities. These surveys are:

I. CIP overall Recreation Survey, now in first draft form,

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2. Inter-Agency group self-survey - Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts,
Campfire Girls, Girls Clubs, Boys winks, YMCA, YWCA,

etc. - now being compiled,

3. Church-related recreation survey being conducted by Atlanta
Youth Council.

D. Through news media special programming, etc., we hope to continue
the initial motivation of a summer opportunity campaign throughout
the summer in as many ways as possible,

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