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School vacation is but eight weeks away,
so it is heartening to learn that this year
Atlanta isn't likely to be caught flat-footed
in providing recreation for children in poverty neighborhoods.
We remember that last summer a crash
program was needed after schools were out
and that it wasn't until well into the summer before even minimum recreation programs were under way in many of these
areas. But this year we've got a head start.
City Parks Director Jack Delius plans to
operate 21 "playlots," three times as many
as last summer.
However, he is going to have a hard time
staffing these small playgrounds and operat-
ing other programs becau~e federal antipoverty funds that helped support them last
year have run out. If these funds aren't restored, the problem addresses itself to local .
government, churches, private businesses and 1
civic groups.
Already there are encouraging signs that 1
our c:ommunity will answer this challenge.
More churches are giving money and time to
impoverished neighborhoods. The Rich Foundation made a generous contribution for <
portable swimming pools. The Atlanta Variety Club has opened an area at Lake Allatoona for use by slum children.
Other groups are helping and more help
will be needed.

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