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As of

nt April 4, 1967

Weronc to: Dan Sweat

From: PB

Regarding meeting yesterday with FEB, I discussed the
possibilities with Jack and Virginia and here are the
areas of agreement: (Memo from Jack will follow)

£5 They will prepare Operation Champ program for submission
to HEW for possible funding under family;and children
services. Jack will contact you for names and titles
of contacts.

2. I will ask Community Relations Commission and Community
Council to provide feed-back that will be pertinent
to the need for above program during summer of 1967.
Please advise if you want me to do this.

Sie Since personnel and equipment are the big needs to
Operate the Neighbornood Playlots erfectively, Jack
and Virginia will review:

a. Their personnel requirements to determine if they
can use additional personnel through NYC, etc. I
don't think we can get summer help through AIEP
(USEP) since this program is to develop hong-term
job opportunities, :

b. Their equipment needs for such items as Oe euars
ise chests, portadle shelters (tarpaulins), etc.
that are needed on Playlots.

A They will explore how Playlot program can be further
enhanced to provide more of a day-camp experience,
with more arts, crafts, etc. In connection with this,
I am contacting Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and Camp Fire
Girls and asking each to develop a schedule to have a
team visit each Playlot one or more times during the
summer for the purposes of talking to boys and girls
about their programs and putting on meaningful demon-
strations of opportunities available in their programs,
They seem interested in doing something like this.

Fs They seem enthusiastic about possibly having a summer

development program at the undeveloped Allatoona site to:

a. era" preparing this site for use as a campsite in

b. Provide employment opportunities through the NYC
(here again I doubt if the AIEP could be used here,
unless the jobs lead on to something more permanent).

e. In addition, by providing outdoor employment, this
could be a meaningful camping substitute for these

young people.

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