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Box 21, Folder 43, Document 26

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July 20, 1967
Mrs . Henry H. Ware, Jr.
404 Blackland Road, N. W .
Atlanta, Georgia 30305
Dear Mrs. Ware :
Mr. W . R. Wofford, Building Official of the City of Atlanta,
has advised me that your property at the above locations is
situated in the Bedford-Pine Urban Renewal Project area .
Property located in approved Urban Renewal Project areas
is under the jurisdiction of the Atlanta Housing Authority,
the City's agent for redevelopm.ent .
A check with the Atlanta Housing Authority reveals that this
project, which encompasses your property, is in the planning
stage and funds for acquisition have not been approved by the
Federal Government. However , the representatives of the
Authority have stated that they anticipate acquiring the property
in about a year. If you would like to make minor repairs and
improvements in order to make the property rentable for this
hort period of time, you, as owner, have every right to do
so, although the city w ill not require you to do so.
If you desire further information, I sugge t that you talk to
Mr . Greenleaf (523-6074 ) of the Atlanta Hou ing Authority
for guidance in thi matter .
Sincerely your ,
Iv n Allen, Jr.

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