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May 25, 1967

Atlanta Housing Authority
Board of Commissioners
824 Hurt Building
Atlanta, Georgia 30303


As an-agent representing the Douglass-Arlen Jolat Venture, one of the re-
developers that submitted a bid proposal for Rockdale, we find it quite
inconceivable that the Atlanta Housing Authority could award the project
to David L. Rosen and Associates.

Our inability to understand the basis of decision stem from the following
cirewmstances and/or facts.

1. Your action to pass a resolution to waive irregularities in the
Rosen proposal, was within the discretionary powers of the authority and
was st in the invitation for bids. However, to exercise this power
should have been limited to a situation where there were no other quali-
fied proposals submitted, Further, to exercise this power in this instance
shows partiality and discrimination against the other biders. Every Re-
developer was aware of the bid requirements and should have been required
to fully comply. Those that did not comply should have been disqualified
from competition.

2. Some city officials stated that “to give the contract for Rockdale
to the "Negro" group would have meant outsiders wouldn't have bid on the
cme res because most professional advice favored the “White” group's
take exception to this type of thinking. In the firet place, the

ied. And since our plan was second best, (in your opinion)
it should have received the contract on Rockdale. Secondly, how are you
ever wong ny encourage locat participation under the circumstances of in-

4, If your lawyers were of the opinion that it was important to
open the bids on Rockdale in room 824 because the invitation for bid called
fortthis action, then they should also share our opinion that every other

requirement of th&t document be complied with.

Gentlemen, the words competitive bid means to give all interested parties
the same opportunities to comply with the rules and then judge them im-

partially. It does not mean passing special resolutions that apply to
some groups; nor does it mean drawing special contracts.

Your re-consideration of your decision on Rockdale is hereby requested,
Very truly yours, .


J. CG. Johnson


CC: Edwin Le. Sterne, Attorney
Mr. Jesse B. Blayton
Mr. George S&S. Craft
Mr. Prank G, Ethridge
Mr, Jack F. Glenn

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