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Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Alfred P. Sloan School of Management
50 Memorial Drive
Cambridge, Massachusetts, 02139

Executive Development Programs:
Alfred P. Sloan Fellows Program
M. |. T. Program for Senior Executives

August 20, 1969.

Dear Pied ’

Of the 20 participants who attended the 2nd M.I.T.
‘Program for Urban Executives we received 19 resporses.
These have been consolidated and I enclose a copy. I
“thought you would like to have a picture of the group's

I'm hanpy to say that we will he going ahead ona
regular basis with this pregram, There will be a program
offered this coming January and another one next June.

_I hope that this gives you sufficient time for you

and your cojleasties to plan a noriination for January or

—qune - or both. “T°Say born heécanse we are convinced
that the maximum impact from this kind of education will
come from having a group of people working together who
have attended the program. Tney will tend to support
and reinforce cone another - to share a conmon language
and even a sort of shorthand, We strongly believe that
having 5 people in the same working group, who have been:
to M.i.7., is considerably greater in effectiveness - than
5 times 1.

We will keep the total fee below the $1,000 level

and 1 do waat to go ahead and invite some executives from
industry who work with cities - and whose tigher tuition —
would contribute towards covering the cost of the progran,


| If you have any suggestions about any particular person
whom you think should be invited to attend, I would be
pleased to follow-up on it. J plan to contact companies
like Avco, GE, Westinghouse, etc.

' J'm sorry to have to inform you that Polly Karb has
gone into the hospital for an operation. We are all

‘hoping that she will come through it all quickly and


Our warmest and fondest wishes.



Peter P. Gil
Associate Dean
Executive Programs


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