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May 5, 1967

Mr. Albert E. Horvath
Executive Director
Senior Citizen Services
719 Glenn Building
Atlanta, Georgia 30303

Dear Mr. Horvath:

It was a pleasure meeting with you the other day and to receive

your letter of April 26th outlining some of the major functions
of the Senior Citizen Services to the community.

At the time of our discussion, I was of the opinion that the
physical facilities needed would be of a permanent nature.
Yesterday afternoon in a conversation with George Heery, he
pointed out that this was not necessarily true, and that you could
probably utilize houses acquired by the Atlanta Housing Authority
in connection with urban renewal projects on a temporary basis
until such time as it was necessary for the houses to be denm-
lished. With this in mind I have contacted Mr. Les Perseils,
Director of Redevelopment, of the Atlanta Housing Authority and
he assures me that the Housing Authority probably would have
such facilities, and that they would be most happy to cooperate
with you in any way.

it is, therefore, suggested that you contact Mr, Perselis directly
and see if the Housing Authority has facilities that might fit your

Sincerely yours,

R. Earl Landers

CC: Mr. George Heery Administrative Assistant

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