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Box 21, Folder 43, Document 49

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May 5, 1967
Mr . Albe1·t E . Horvath
Executive Director
Senior Citizen Services
719 Glenn Building
Atlanta , Georgia 30303
Dear Mr . Horvath :
It wae a pl easure meeting with you the other day and to receive
your letter of April 26th outlining om~ of the major functions
of th Senior Citizen Services to the community.
At the time of our discu ion, l was of the opinion that the
phy ical f cilities n d d would be of perm nent nature.
Y terd y aft rno.on in conver · tion with George Heery, he
pointed out th t this was not necessarily true, and th t you could
probably utilize hou
acquired by the Atlanta Housing Authority
in connection with urban renewal projects on tempor ry ba is
until uch time a it waa nece · ry for th hous
to be deDIO·
liahed. W ith this in mind I have contac d Mr. Les Per ell 1
Director of Red v lopm nt, of the AU ta Housing Authority nd
he a suree m that the Hou ing Authodty probably would h ve.
such f cilitie I and that they would be most happy to coo r t
with you in any way.
lt is, th r for , · ugge ted th t you contact Mr. P r eeti dir ctly
if th Hou ing Authority h
that mi ht fit your
Sit1cer ly your ,
R. E rl L nd
CC: Mr. Ge o r ge H e ery
Admini tr tiv Aa

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