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Atlanta, Georgia 30303
March 7, 1967



Mr. Les Persellis

Atlanta Housing Authority
824 Hurt Building
Atlanta, Georgia 30303

Dear Les:

I appreciate very much you and Mr. Openshaw taking time from
schedule and meeting with Mr. Elrod, Mr.

sion and improvements to Bedford Place which is
Bottoms-Bedford Pine Urban Renewal Projects,

Our conference pointed out the fact that it would be best for the Ci
proceed on the original basis of improving Bedford Place
taking the improvements to the southbound lanes which will require right-

of-way from the Buttermilk Bottoms Project. Our éonfer

out that a further widening of the project would be made

right-of-way for the Bedford Pine Project was acquired

City is undertaking this improvement under the basis

receive maximum credit under either the Buttermilk Bottoms

Bedford Pine Project,or a combination of the two projects.
contemplating receiving full credit for underground utilities which will
be placed in Bedford Place by the Georgia Power Company or Southern Bell
Telephone and Telegraph Company.

We recognise that there will be a time delay in approving the Bedford Pine
Project, but we are of the opinion that we should receive fifty percent
eredit in the Buttermilk Bottoms Project and the remaining fifty percent in
the Bedford Pine Project .when the project is placed into execution.

In our meeting on Thursday, March 2, Mr. Nixon volunteered to coordinate
the street improvements in Bedford Place as well as other streets in the
Buttermilk Bottoms area with Georgia Power Company, Southern Bell Telephone
and Telegraph Company, City Traffic Engineer, and other interested parties.
I believe that this will be a very beneficial undertaking inasmuch as

Mr. Nixon controls the installation of sidewalks, curbings, and street pav-

Recently we had the opportunity of visiting with and members of the
Housing and Urban Development Agency to discuss particulars of the

ee ee i ar ae ee eee eee
Georgia Power Company and Southern Bell Telephone and Telegraph Company.

Mr. Les Perselis

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March 7, 1967

In our conference it was pointed out by officials of HUD that further legal
study should be given to the agreements, and they would advise us at a later
date as to their findings. I believe that it would be very desirable to have
these contracts executed prior to any work being undertaken by either Georgia
Power Company or Southern Bell Telephone and Telegraph Company.

I would appreciate your advising as soon as possible of anything that we might
do in order to hasten the execution of these agreements.

Yours very truly,
AT Ze fa

‘Charles L. Davis
City Comptroller

CLD: dhf
ec: Mr. R. Earl Landers
Mr. Ray A. Nixon

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