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August 15; 1967
Mr. Edmund W. Hughes
Managing Director
Atlanta Traffic and Safety Council
Suite 1130, Co1Illllerce Building
Atlanta, Georsia 30303
De.'.lr Mr. Hughes:
Mayor Ivan Allen, Jr., has fozvarded to us a photo copy of your lett r
Augu t 7, 1967, regardinR the possible utilization of the new feder 1 funds
able through the National High, y Safety Bureau by the City of Atlanta. We
in Mayor Allen's reply to you his request that we-. "communicate with you and
the necessary request for funds" . We, in turn, have th followin~ report.
pre are
We met with Mr. B n A • .Joz:dan_. Cgordin.e_t ot of . !U.ghw -:y, .S fetv for the State
of ~eor ia on August 4, 1~~7. Among those present at tle meeting _w re r. Rny
A. Nixon, Judg nerscneI'E. Cole, Mr. Charles L. Davi., Mr . J. Lewis Cook, and
so111a of their associates. All funds allocated under the National ay Safety
Act will be handl d through r. Ben A. Jordan's office. Mr. Jord n and his asBociatcs xplained the pro~edure that are to be followed, an
Of compJytf\i. with thq~e pr~ce?ures.
Th first request from Mr. Ben Jordan's off ce is th t we prep re (within
th n xt few days) a compl te et1.mate of all expenditures anticip ted for the
next ten years in the field of traffic saf ty. The
estimates ar then to be
reduced by u to fill out a fourteen or fift en page queetionnairc which will
be submitted to Mr. J rdan'
mates for the
office for bi
review and inclu ion in
i ilar
ntire State of Georgia .
A soon as Mr. Jordan'
avail ble pplic tion blanks
Saf ty Act. As thins tan
~ ¥traffic engineering other t~an for pure re e rch
oj_cct .•
at some engtn ~-ano· a.Ithough e regt'et that it is true ev ryone present at the
me ting with Mr. Jordan a reed that for the moment that is the situation. Sever l
po sibl ways to enter thie proj ct fi ld throu b "the back door" w r di cussed
and are currently being 1nve t1gated by us. We would appr ci te youi- fi.lling us
in on what your l~tter indict
is proh bly ome additional information tb the
not yet come to us.
One of th~ re uire. enta 1n thie procedure is for ,ach city to estal-li ha
coordinator through whom, 11 r qu .sts for f deral ~rante will cl l'•
you know,
coordinator, and wear r ady to proceed in- so• f r
the City of Atlant has such
as that part of the etup 1 eoncerned . D ,tail on thia coordtnating procedure
�Mr. Edmund W. Hu hes
August 15 , 1967
Page Two
can be obtained from Mr. Charles L. D vi
City Comp troller .
Thank you very much for your continued i n terest in this subject . We will
look forward to receivin . the additional information which your telephone conversation and your letter indicate you tdll soon have.
Sincerely ,
Karl A. Bevins
KAB /cmc
cc :
Mayor Ivan Allen, J r. v '
Mr . Charles L. Davis

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