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August 25, 1967
Tho llonor able Ivan Allen, Jr .
Mayor of the City of Atlan~a
City Hall
Atlanta, Georgia 30303
Dear Mayor All.en :
llegarding the let.t r from Hr . Edmund W. Hughes, Mana:!Ji.n Director of the Atl anta
Traffic and Safety Council, dated Auttust 10 , 1967, seeking 11 to determine wbet;h r
the City will be willing to pursue t his matter and eek to have the State make
this federal tnoney availabl . ", ~ have the following report.
&trongly recommend that the City of Atlanta do everything within its power
(fin8.llcially and politic lly) to coopet'at witl and part icipat :tn the newly init! d
program of the Bureau of Public Roads, whtch i• called Tr ffic Op ration
rogr •
to Increase C pacit:y and S,a fety (termed th "TOPICS program). I ediatoly after
r ceiving your memnr nd
on August 22, 1967, we again thoroughly revi w d the
status of this type of pro rom in t he Atlanta res wi th the Dur u of Public Road
people and tho State Highway Dcpo.rtm nt p opl.e to make certain that w wore up
to d te re rdin th tr tb:fnkin. Th Bur- u of Public Rods peopl
r- v ry anxiou
city 111 Atlanta to et up proj c ts und r thi pro r· • Thy are al o
nxiou for the State of Georgia to partici.pnto in the progJ;'arn. All federal funds
under this TOPICS pro ram r av ilable only through th G or ia St t Hi _h ay
Department. At tM.s ti , the G or i St_ te Hi h ay Dep rtmont has a fim poli cy
• ainRt spendin any of their ftmds for thi purpose in Atlanta or any oth r cities
in th St t . W. of course, beli ~ that thi po11cy should, can,
d will be
entio d bove, w b lieve th t th City of Atlanta should~ lcome
iatance fr-o the Atlnnta Traffic and Safety Council and any oth r citizen rou
toward• th
nd of b&ving this poliey changed.
any fed~ral- id y t m submittal or progT
to effect tr ffic op ration
ts on Atlanta tr ete can b a prov d, it ,ust be sup ort d by a co pr wid plan for traffic operation 1.t1 ro mente, includin• a pr
for impl entin a si>JUificant portion of th plan ith!n £iv y ars . Th trem ndoua
uot of work neces ry to ak the b ie tr t
d tr ffic !nventori
and to dcv lop the plan may be financed with
n y th t -a lso c.ould be 111 de v ilabl by the Statb Highway Dep rtta nt. In addition, the ctual d ign for traffic
oper tlon i prove nt• can 1 ob progr
as r li in ry en in ring jobs,
nd a porticm or all of this work c n be fina c d ith fed r 1 aid mon .y which
is cu~rently c.omin to or 1a vail ble to the G orgi Stat R1~h~ay D art nt.
Sine the plan or any eubmies1on must be b
analy i of all elements relate to th pl
federal aid syet. in the
have be
id . inventory n an
�The Honorabl e I van Allen, J r.
August 25, 196 7
Page Two
uch an inventory and plan in preparation for setting up ap cific proj c ts to submit
a t such t ime as t he State's policy my be cnang~d.
Since th
State High ay D p&rtment ha a firm pol i cy gsinat partic ipating
n unable to obt a i n much inf orm t i on and only
a few opinions from State Highway Department personnel . Th_, Bureau o f Public Roads
peopl , howe'7 r, have been very spec ific in their in i stence t hat an area wide
plan mus t include as a mini..~um all of the area within tha Ciroumfer n tial Ft: ew y
( I-285) and p"'t'ob bly n eeds to extend over a larger a rea ~ Th i s immedirtt ly ·bt'ings
up the difficulties and probably the im racticality of the City of At l anta undert kin to finance ·such
study without any out. id~ hell) . Also ·, th
tudy tends
· to paral lel the present continuing co rdina.ted comprehensive tr ffic planning study,
whieh is under way in complianc
ith th 196'2 F der 1 Aid Highway Act. However,
the are wide plan for traffic operation i~provemert t s ie
mo r e detailed and ~p~cific
type of study than th.e study und r w yin compliance with the 1962 Federal Aid
Highw y Act . It is our opinion that it is impractical for any in le governmental
in this TOPI CS proera:m, we have b
cy in the Atlant
ar a (such a:s the City of Atlanta) to undertake by itsel f
the developm nt of an < rea wide plan for tr ffie operation improvements .
a very etrong feeling that thi pToj ct should be und rt ken ad fin need by th
Stat IUahwsy Dep r ent with the fad ra1 aid money aV'ail ble to them for pur oses
of this sort. Once this plan was develop d and approved by ~h Bur~au of Public
Road , sp cific traffic op r tion improv nt proj ct ( uch
the on s that we
curr ntly carry on in our daily prog!t'
in th City of Atlanta) could best u
and submitted for federal aid mon y. Thi mon y, of cour , comin~ to th State
Ri hway D part ent and th non to the City of Atlanta.
W b .ve
fi , but w
e. rough . stim te that th are.a wid l)°Ian for tr ff ic peration
could b complet d by
consulting firm in
peri.od of a _ rcxi: tely
We ha¥ not yet obtained n e timat . of tho cost from any c<.n ulting
are ue ing th t th cost might ran e from $50,000.00 upward to
m d
Antic! ating your concurrence with our recomm ndation that the City of Atl nt
do verythin within it• o~er financ~ lly and olitic lly or influ nce-w1
co.op rat with nd p rtidpate in · thit TOPICS program. e ar arran, ing to di cua
in enere.1 t t\ll th . cot of uch an area wide traffic op r tion i prov
nt pl n
ith s
consulting firm$. The
lorations will be don
ithout in an
eommittin th City of tl nt and
ly fo,: th pur o
of dete ininp; a Uttl
ore ccurat ly exactly ~hat kind of n x penditur
i ht b nee eary o the p ~t
of th G or 1a St t tit h'w y Dep rt ent in order tog t thi
rogram und r
in the City of Atlant. It would, of cour$e, b unwie tor ~h City of Atl nta
or anyon oth r th nth Geo~gia State Highwa D partm ~t t undertake to fin nee
tudy sine, the study
uld onl be u .ful if the G rgia t t Hi hwa.y Dep.artl!len t .
ws a r
bl top rticip tin in th progr
If th· G orgia St te lli h~ay D 4~t
i interest din particip ting in th progr • tle c.ost of the tudy old be
c psra.tiv ly .1nor it
in the tot l outlay and. the:refor , it ehoul
ot be dtfUeult: .
to get the Ht hway Department te tnk c re -0f thi partic l r c .t.
�the Honorab l e Ivan Allen, Jr.
August 25, 1967
Page- Three
We hope t hat this report is clear ano t het it contains sufficient inform tion
to answer th questions that need answering at tho presen·t time. We have available
a s ubs tant ial amo unt of addition l detailed inform tion r egarding th TOPICS program
and we will be happy to discuss it 1th you in more detail a t /il!lY tie that you
desire .
Se<c;Jl~ Sincerely ,
K r l A. Bev1-ns
KAB/ cmc
Mr. R. Earl Land rs ~
Alderman J ck Summers

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