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Minutes of Board of Directors
December 28, 1966

The meeting of the Board of Directors of the Atlanta Traffic and Safety Council was called
to order at 11 a, m,, December 28, in the Board Room of the Trust Company of Georgia,
with President George Goodwin presiding,

Present were:

George Goodwin Bickerton W, Cardwell Edward J, Kelley
C, A. McNair Frank Carmines Wallace L, Lee
Alvin M, Ferst, Jr. H. Talmage Dobbs Horace McEver
Robert L. Sommerville Rutherford L, Ellis M. M. Egan
Wilburn Askew Karl A, Bevins Kiliaen Townsend
Gordon Bill Ivan Allen, III T. Clack Tucker
Charles E, Bowles, Jr. Chief Herbert T, Jenkins Judge Herschel Cole
Frank Brandes Edward White Edmund W, Hughes

President Goodwin called on Managing Director Hughes to report on the Southern Regional
Highway Safety Conference held in New Orleans, December 20, 1967, The Board reviewed
the policy statement from this meeting giving particular attention to those facts effecting
local government participation in the 1966 National Highway Safety Act, Mr. Hughes re-
ported that copies of the policy statement had been sent to all Atlanta area Legislators.

Mr, Goodwin reported that a medical and hospitalization plan for the Council and employees
had been recommended by a sub-committee on émployee benefits, and that this plan had been
adopted by the Executive Committee at their December meeting. The plan consists of life
insurance, hospitalization, medical coverage and major medical coverage. Mr. Goodwin
also reported that a retirement plan for Council employees is under study and will be
instituted during early 1967,

The Board approved a mileage allowance for staff employees using their own vehicles to

do Council business, Such mileage allowance will be 10 cents a mile for all under 100 miles
on a single trip and 8 cents a mile for all miles over 100, The mileage allowance was
deemed necessary because of the increase in use of employee's vehicles, particularly in
connection with the Defensive Driving Program.

The Board was told of a planned on-the-job safety program being scheduled for March 16,
1967, Dr. J. L. Rosenstein, Industrial Psychologist from Miami, Florida, will conduct
the program on "Psychology of Accident Prevention and Worker Motivation," The one-day
workshop will be held at the Holiday Inn onthe N, E, freeway.

The Board also discussed a proposed billboard program, utilizing a design by an Atlanta
area school child, Turner Advertising Company has reserved 100 billboards, the largest
number ever used for a public service showing in Atlanta, The boards will be up during
the month of March,

Mr, Goodwin announced that the Annual Appraisal of the Atlanta Traffic and Safety Council
will be conducted by the National Safety Council, January 19 and 20. He stated that he will
appoint the Appraisal Committee which will review the National Safety Council findings,
The committee will be appointed by telephone,

A special showing of a film on "You and Office Safety" was held for the Board. Board members
were reminded that the Council maintains a film library available to civic and service
organizations as well as to business firms. The new office safety film has been added to the

library and is available for loan,

Advance copies of the Council's report to Mayor Allen were distributed and reviewed, The
Board concluded that the program as drafted should be presented and the Council should
encourage state officials to carry out those points of the program involving them, Copies
of the report were to be mailed to those Directors not attending the meeting.

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 12:05 p. m.

Respectfully submitted,

: i i 1 be C
i drrlied
Ef Prugy*

Edmund W, Hughes, Secretary

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