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January 4, 1967


Chief Herbert T, Jenkins
Atlanta Police Department
165 Decatur Street, S, E.
Atlanta, Georgia 30303

Dear Chief:

Knowing of your concern about getting the current accident prevention program
off on the right foot, I wanted to call your attention to something which ann
jeopardize its effect.

As you will recall, we recommended increasing enforcement activity in the areas
of speeding, drunk driving, running traffic signals and stop signs, because we felt
these were the offenses most often involved in accident situations. The Mayor's
request for a monthly 10 percent increase was especially aimed at these same

Several police officers have indicated during the last couple of days that they have
been instructed to increase their cases by 10 percent, and that they were not aware
of the increase being concentrated on any specific areas. My feeling is that unless
the officers are specifically instructed on this subject many will tend to increase
ee ae such as failing to remain in the
proper lane aad the like.

lam further concerned that an increase in this type of case, rather than in the more
serious accident producing offenses, will hurt rather than help.

The purpose of this letter is just to call this to your attention and to again stress the
importance of the officers, who must eventually carry the program out, being fully
informed of the intent of the recommendations and of the need to concentrate their
time and energy on the more serious offenses.

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