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WASHINGTON, D.C, 20410 ‘

| TOME NY ie

OCT 31 1966 ,
Niscacare ia
Dear Public Official: BO.C.A.

The Department of Housing and Urban Development wishes to announce
the initiation of an annual Awards Program for outstanding con-
tributions to intergovernmental relations in the field of urban
development. This 1966 Intergovernmental Awards Program will
recognize superior, cooperative achievements between local govern-
ments and actions to improve State-local relations which further
the national objective of helping to improve the living environ-
ment of our citizens.

This invitation to participate in the competition is being distri-
buted by. the Department in cooperation with the following organ-

The National League of Cities

The United States Conference of Mayors

The National Assotiation of Counties

The International City Managers’ Association

The National School Boards Association

The American Association of School Administrators
The Council of State Governments

Awards for the First Annual Competition will be made at the
National League of Cities' Annual Congress, December 6, 1966, in
Las Vegas 9 Nevada.

Submissions to this competition are invited. The deadline is
November 18, 1966. Applications should be submitted to the
Department of Housing and Urban Development, 1626 K Street, N. W.,
Washington, D. C. 20410.

Activities which have been initiated since January, 1965 are
eligible for this year's competition. More specific information
on eligible participants and criteria for making awards is
enclosed. Submission statements should be limited to two pages;
supporting documents will be accepted as enclosures.

Please accept this invitation to submit your recommendations
for these awards. We are eager to recognize and encourage those
outstanding contributions to intergovernmental relations which
increase our ability to meet urban needs.

Sincerely yours,


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