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66-77 June 27, 1966

Several days ago you received summary information on the Department's revised
Standards of Conduct regulations. The regulations were published in the Federal
Register on June 24, and are reproduced in their entirety in the attachment.

% is important that each employee carefully read all of the regulations and
become familiar with them.

Information concerning reporting procedures and other implementing instructions,
including the designation of Deputy Counselors, will be issued shortly. In

the meantime employees should give particular attention to the provisions of
Sections 0.735-203 through 0.735-205, and be prepared to file a report on any
outside employment or other outside activity that requires authorization, or
financial or other interest that is subject to disclosure. Unless you are
occupying a position subject to the provisions of Subpart E of the regulations,
a report will be required upon receipt of implementing instructions if you -

- are engaged in any outside employment or other outside activity that
is subject to the prior approval provisions of Section 0.735-203(c)
and (d), and such activity has not been reported previously.

- have any unreported financial or other interests that are subject to the
disclosure requirements of Section 0.735-205(a).

Employees subject to Subpart E will be given special instructions concerning
the filing of the statements of employment and financial interests required by


If an employee (including an employee subject to Subpart E) is engaged in any
outside employment or other outside activity or has a financial or other .
interest that now is prohibited by Sections 0.735-203(a) and (b) and 0.735-20hk(a),
and he cannot or does not terminate such activity or interest by August 1, 1966,

a report on or before that date is required, describing the steps that he has
taken to conform with the referenced ‘sections.

The attention of all employees is called to Section 0.735-106, which provides
that the interest of a spouse, minor child, or a blood relative who is a full-
time resident of an employee's immediate household is considered to be an
interest of the employee.

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