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October 20, 1966

Dear Mayor Allen:

This will confirm our conversations concerning your participation
on the President’s Task Force on Cities which will be chaired by
Dr. Paul Ylvisaker,

As you know, the problems faced by American cities have long been
of great concern to the President. He has directed that every effort
be made by this Administration to meet the challenge and has called
upon the Congress for legislation which will enable the Administration
to make a coordinated and comprehensive attack on the problems of
the cities. He now calls upon the members of this Task Force for
recommendations on new steps which should be taken as well as for
advice on the most effective ways to implement existing legislative

This task is as difficult and challenging as it is important, and the
President is grateful for your willingness to participate.

The first meeting of the Task Force will be held on Friday, October 28,
1966, at 10 aem, in Room 303 of the Executive Office Building,
Washington, D.C.


A. Ge;
(Yyh! Califanof/Jr.
Spec¥al Assistant to the President


Honorable Ivan Allen
Mayor of Atlanta
Atlanta, Georgia

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