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governn'ient · \v"iL~in m etropol_i- .been lagging fa t'. behind both Ag ricu_lture, Robert c. W eaver
tan . areas, and innova tions m local and Federal a ctivity." . of .Housing and Urba n De\·eI.
' rela tions between the · Federal
"Yet," it- wen t on, "the s ta.tes opment ; Senators Sam J . Ervin
Government, the sta tes and occupy_ :critical position within··fr{in1~ North c a:·olina:· Ka rl E.


, . ,.
Joe~~ C0!lJm)-_tnities a re . __needed the . American F ederal sys tems lEdmundofS S. ~t\_Dakota,' ~n~
·· • ·
, · · · to overcome these obstacl es," a nr! possess ,t he power a nd ·res
· . : us_,ie °,,f ll[ci.ine,41
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_._;' • ,. ~-. - ·c,.· . ,··· -- ; · it sajd.
.- _-_- -· · . ·· . · , . . , . . sou:<:es ~o. s tre~gthen l9cal ca - ~ :P~';- enta t_1\ es , Euoene
U.S. Report Scores Lao- 1n The r eport was prepared for pac1ties and stimulate greater Fou00n 11ta·no_f NNe,\thYCork ,1. L. _ Hd.
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a roma an
Facin& ,·Cities'" P(ciblem Fr1e~~;n~~ss~~fat/ pro~116:57, 29 December 2017 (EST) of 16:57, 29 December 2017 (EST)!~,f ion '\ 1 · m me ropo 1 a_n Florence P. Dwyer of N ew Jer.


S. Bla is1
- - - - -.- ..- .- . . i " . ,, c1L_y . pla nning at Massachusetts
. _ Specific Proposals
dell of Hon 0 I I H .
G Id;.
· · , !. t nst1tute. of ·T echnology, . a n_d
. . .
u u, e1m~n o
20 issued ' b·y- the House Go\'ern- Many ·of the. comm1ss10n s n~r of St. Peters~ur g , Fla.,
(AP)-A report issued toni o-ht m ent Ope·rations Committee.
spe_cific_ pror.iosals, _s u~h a s st~te Ri~ha rd , C. Lee of N ew H an n,
Much of the r eport was de- leg1sla t10n t o l!m1t · zoning a n A:tnur A. Na fta lm of Mmby _a House committee predict_- voted to. the need for st a te powers of smaller suburbs and neapol!s.
ed_ tha t the F edera l sys t em legislation providing g r eater to limit_ incorpo_ration of s~pa - - - -- might be g ravely weaken_ed ui:i- home rule, m etropolita n plan- ra t e umts w1th11:_ m etro?ohtan
less states increased their ro1e nin o- and s tren o- thenin o- of a-en- area s, have been issued m earin so)ving the problems of ;-net- eral·go\'ernmen"'ta l units, a t op- lier reports.
·. . . .
ropohta n area s..
pos ed to school dis trict s wa ter
l\'fembcrs of the comm1ss1on R
·' It said states ha d !ag ged far a nd sewera o-e boa rd s a n~! other include Govs. John N. Dempsey n
behind F ederal and ;,;~:11 gov- s in o-le-purpt se o-roups. .
jof Connecticut , Nelson A. 2
ernments in dealing wi.h s uch / But it noted° tha t the vas t -Rockefeller of New York, Ca rl c
p_r?blems and that, a s a re5Ult. increase in ·Federal program s F . S':.nders o_f Georg ia a nd Rob- ~
cities had bypassed ~ta tes :, ml ,a imed at metropolita n areas ert _E. Smylie of Ida ho ; Secre- JJg one directly to \\ a slrn1g tL·,: · should serve as a basis fo r en- t;i. n es H enry H . Fowler of the '
for h elp. ·
couraging m etropolita n pla n- Treasury, Orville L. F reeman of .1
.., .~ ·
·. "l\I!nimizin g state pa r~iripa - ning for both the centra l city
tion m u rban a ffa irs 1~ t:111ta - a nd surrou ndi ng suburbs.
mount to r emo\'ing s t~ ce in fl u- "The Cong ress a nd executive
ence from a critica l n 11ge ~f agencies should a uthorize a nd
domesti c iss ues," th e r epor t encou rag e r esponsible j oint pa r said, adding tha t withou t st.ate ticipa tion in urba n development
part icipa tion it is doubtfu l programs b.y local g overnments
whether local g overnment can having common p rog ra m objecbe r eorganized t o meet its tives in m et ropo li ta n a reas tha t
g rowing r espons ibilities."
everla p politica l bounda ries,"
\Vha t is seen a s a n urgen t the repor t said.
need t o re-establish a role for . Willia m G. Colman, th e comthe sta tes is a · p rincipa l theme mission's executive di rector,
of the 168-pag e r eport, a prod- said in a st a tement a ccompanyuce of seven yea rs of work by ing the r eport tha t "the soluthe bipar t isa n Commi s,jnu_ on tions to metropolita n problems
Inter.£"o\·ernmenta f R 0 l 0 ion~.
can be de\·e1oped by the states,
notes t a t with metropoli- b y the F edera l Government, or
t a n areas g rowing so fa st that by both."
some 75 per cen t of the naAl though the . r epor t it
tion·s -popula t ion would live clear that the commission fa.
there by 1980, the Governmen t vo·red ·such . developmen t a t a ll
would have to pro\·ide man:r of levels, l\Ir . Colman said tha t
the services· indivi duals could "the decis ion as to wh ich it will
furnish themselves in a p re- be res ts · to a considerable exdomi nan tly rura l economy.
t ent wi th the sta te · governBut the repor t a sser ted tha t ments, becaus e it they choose
· "poor coordin a tion a nd conflicts not ot a ct , th e m etropoli tan
. of interest among governmen ts problem by default, becomes
often block effec ti\·e action to la rgely a Federal problem."
1 deal
w ith metropolita n prob- The report suggest ed th a t
· !ems." .
this had a lrea dy ha ppened, a nd
"Chan·g es in th e structure of said t::a t " the s ta te rol e ha s'

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