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TI-i::E i:JE\-7 YORK THlES - Decemb er . 1, 1 966
V1 LKINS DEPL RES /}~r.??.~~r~~
AYUR- Af ]DCUT[[ '· '/

Tells S0nators Such Savings Ji
Would Be 'Criminal'
Sprci al to The :-;c ~ Tor~ Times
·; ;-
30 (, .
· -Roy 'W ilkins asserted befo re I:··,\,, : '. •
a Senate subcommittee toda y (i.,.ij,: L
that it would be "crimin al" fo r \ \'., ~- ' .';
either Congress or the Admin·- ·. ·, . ,. · .I
-, . . -·
is tration to cut back budget ., .
.· -·- ·. , . .::,,
expenditures on social a nd ur-1\
· ban programs.
. /'
The executiYe dire ctor of th e . •
·, (
-~'-·· 1
N ~tional Association · for ti1c (
~ft fl~·,,·· '·
Aa\'ancement of Colored Pcoplc jt
\ t /A ,, :·,
m a de this pomt a day a lter L-·---- ·-·'--' "---~·-· -'~•-'·· Uil lt"rl ?re- ;:;, Intr mat1ot1J.! T cl e,1hnrn." j
President J ohnson a nnounced,
a t a news conferen ce in Texas, H an-,Y Go l<lcn, left , til e wri te r, and R oy W il k ins, cw cutiYe
th a t he was canceling or de- dirqctor o ' the , ;:i t iou :i l AssociaJion for t ie A d\·:rnceferring S5.3-billion worth of m ent of Colo r c<I Peo:ile, t est.if~·in ;;· yesterd a y a t h ea r in~
· Federal prog rams in tl1e cur-!
rent fi sca l yea r. .
I of :t ~c11ate sub(•.nm m it t-ce on pr o ilcm;; of A mer ican citirs.

1 1-

...-~.. f/,'~ .....- ..,} I
The Pres ident: in~is ted Urn t J· ··

none of the c.uts would ",-;h0r t-·s la nli a l cw·c for Neg ro un - ' tions .ire so cJ0sirahle th:tt he '
ch3n ge the young, or tl1e·n ccdy ,:ci_11p loymC'nt. "
'. wants in on them," he said.

_he iH or th e ol~." Sources here, ! "Un fort u n
,~cl .~·, " he, w0nL en .! Ju dge Ed wa rds s tru ck a r e- :

-?nf1rmcd t ~da). _th a t . tl; e C'Ub /the ad m1'.1 1st1_~ t1on o~ . F cdcral jsponsi ve cho rd in the .subco m - 1
\\ ould not I cq u n_e el1m,n a t1on ,111,rnpowc1 dcvdopmcn c .ind cm - mittce when he c::i.lled foi· mo re
o.f key Grea t S0c cty prog ra ms ploymcn t prog rams '_'has often 1and better -trai ned· policcmPn in :
but would del ay th e _ award /bccnn1 a z·k cd by r,u tn gh t r:1,;1a.l 1ur!Jan a reas a nd SU""es tcd es - I
of !Some grant~ and re:q_u1roc <10l11e ,dis\nmin atz~n ~ nd b:i,: ,~r~c:on- ltab lishm ent of a na tii na l police !
belt-t1ght,cm:1 0 a~ . we1l. .
· !rcn cd, . ste1e~ty~cd i~e.i:-; of academy s imila r to the service ,
Mr. V\ ilkms said a fte 1 t he 1wha t Jobs _ N cg1ocs can a nd institut ions at Wes t Point a d /
hearmg th a t although .. he was j"hould ho la. W 1en colored ap - Annapoli s.
n .
dis turbed by the poss10le con- 1phcan ts have been accepted :
sequ ences of some of the cut~- 1they ha ve often_ found l hem -1 T ~,e ~ub<;o'.n.m ittee cha_i rman_,
he did nd't specify thcm-he 1selvcs bemg t ram ccl · for blue- Scn,tt~1. Aoi anam -~: R1bicoff,
ind intend ed his rem a rks la r ge-:collar. service employm<'nt. fre - ,Demoo;t of Connec ci cut, called
lv as a "warn in "' t o . the n w qu0n tl y in dving industri es."

for v ascly imp roYed police p_roCongress," which, he feared , The three other witnesscs 1tcction 1,-:,st. A~gust fo llo,w1ng,

m igh t inte r p ret Mr. J ohnson ·s; were Harr y Golden, author anct 1th!_paneJ 5 fi r_s c round of nea r- :
a ction as a ma nd a t e" to be " in publisher of The .Carnlin rt Is- !m,,,, on ci ty p ioblems.
, m al.;:ing fmt hc r slas hes.

rac litc ; D1·. Rohc,·t C"lcs. Har- I _Dr. Col_es, a · ch ild psyc hia- ;

T he Neg ro le.adc r w:i.s one o( 'l va.l'd re.~ea rc h psych iatris t. and 1t1} st , revi ewed his expcne nce ,
fou r wi tne,;,;cs wh o appearc<l br- .Jud ge Gcor;::e Edwards of l hejw1th poor ch1l?rcn and their ,· :
fo re heari no· of the . Senate ' U m ted States Court of Appeals p:'lrents m SouLnern to\~715 and,
Gover n ment O Operations s ub- Ifo r th e Six th Ci1·cui t .
Nor th ern ghettos a nd said t hat 1:
com mittee on urban problems.
Mr. Golderi proposed that the , m many · cases he ha d fou nd 1,
In other points, he :
Nf'gro be g iven a 10-year, Sl00- I"strength" ,rnd " vitality '., de - ;
C:: Describ ed the "black power" billion
"indemni ty"-in
the lspite huge obstacles.
m ovemen t of some young Negro form of weliarc, . housing. and
He said, moreover, that he :
a ctiv ists as "t oo da nge rous , too education progr a ms- t o pay fnr had become le. s "eonvincC'd"
amateu r ish , too t ecn-agcrish. his confinement "during the that racial prej udic-e "is Lhe de . t oo much li ke a stud ent p ra nk,' greatest wealth -prod icing pe- cisiYe issue confronting· our
· adding : "It isn 't as bad as i1 r iod in the history of-the world." citiP:'i ."
sou nds, but it's misc hievous..
The Neg ro 's struggle for jus- White;; and Neg roes, he said , ,
. C:Ch arged tha t Federal Job- tice, he said, "ha: no t been to share the same basic fears of t
tra ining programs :'la u in some1a lter a single insti tution. He did un employment, high prices, ill- l
cases h el ped perpetuate racia l'J not wan t to bum the bastille, ness, a:nd the like.
· ,
-=-·discrimina tion.
or get rid of the tax on tea, nor "There is nothing · in the ;
· "Existing Government pro-:did he demand a new parlia- minds of any group of Ameri - i
. gr~ms, " llfr. \Vilkins said in a lrncnt. or a new Constitution ."
cans." he concluded, "thrtt nee-;
~ . , statement, ' 'ha ve fa llen tar! '. ·'V\iha t he ha,; been tellin;; us cessarily compels our present j
· · shor t of prov iui:ng a ny su b- Iis_ that the American institu- !problcms to continue."


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