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Knowledgable Persons in Neighborhood Centers Field

Dr. Fred Duhl (Dre Duhl's brother) Sanford K rvitz
Mass. General Hospital Brandeis University
Boston, Masse

Marvin Labes Richard Strickhartz

Mayor's Committee for Total Action / Detroit, Michigan
Against Poverty

Detroit, Michigan

Mr. Lall David Hunter
Director, Poverty Program / Stern Family Fund
New Orleans, Lao
Robert Choate : Henrik Blum Pde
Public Affairs Foundation Contra¬ęCosta County Health Dept. a
Washington, D. Co ; Martinez, California
Me]. Roman Dimitri Iatricdes (Greek
Albert Einstein College Boston College (Available in January) |
Bronx, New York Jucw wn face ce
Hyland Lewis - ; . Antonia Chayes
foward University ABCD \
he _aaLNl Boston, Masse " aw ow
Howard Nemorovski (ue gS Lt ye
San Francisco, California : Mortimer Brown a a

Chicago, Illinois
Norman Lourie

Pae Dept. of Public Welfare Richard Poston
' N. C. Dept. of Welfare

Lee Rainwater
Washington University Dr. George Esser, Director
St. Louis, Missouri. North Careolina Fand
Herman Gallegos (Mexican) Francis McKinley (Indian)
National Committee on Civil Rights Arizona State University

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Barney O'Cayote Rev. Arthur Brazier (Negro)
U. S. Dept. of Interior Pres. Woodlawn Orgs.
Salt Lake City, Uteh Chicago, Illinois
Preston Wilcox (Negro) John Martin (Negro)
Columbia Univ. School of Social Work OEO San Francisco Regional Office

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