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L1 u n
v t.
Low Re n t Pu b lic Housing

P r or::rn.m :

Nat lre a nd P~ r pose :
Th i s p r og r am provid es loa n s or guarant e es of loans to
loca l h ou sing a uth or i t ies to a ssis t t h em i n the dev e l oo~e~t
of s afe , decent and s ani ta r y lo w- rent h ou s ing p r o jec ~s · f or
low- i n c ome fami lies a nd others wh o c a nnot affo r d s tandard
private h ous i ng .
Th is p rog r am a lso provi des annua l cont ribu tion s to l ocal
hous i ng authoritie s to a s s i st t hem i n ac h i evi ng and ~aint a ini ng t he low- rent chara c ter of th e projec t s.
Thi s p rogram provides dire ct benefits f or pov e rty- s triken
p eop le .
Th is p rog ram als o provides f i nanc ial assis tance t o loc a l
h ousing a ut hori t i e s t o ass i st them i n meeting t h e s pecia l
housing nee ds of th e l ow- inc ome el de r ly .
When p roviding a cc ommodati ons des i gn ed s pe c ific a lly for
the eld e rly, higher t han normal;.~Low- Rent Public Hous i ng
Pr ogram~ per r oom c os t ~ l i mitat ions a r e permitted . An
ad di t iona l contributi on t o th e loc al h ousing a u thor i t y
( up to $120 pe r dwelling u nit p er yea r ) may be a uthorize d .
-s i
' rtl b ~ i C
6 w3. -S p C Ci a ~ - r a-m.--G-:f-a'S-S"'.i:."Si;a- n ~-t-h it...
'u~W - n'"eT:'c
- i ~* 1 - f ~s.e
~ ~s-.?
Eligib i lity :
~h e a pp licant a ge ncy mus t b e a l ocal housing a u tho rity
estab li sh e d by th e loc a l government , u nde r s tate ena bling
legi slation, to be eligible . The f o rmal a pp lic a tion m~s t
b e a pp roved by the local g ove rning body . The Atlanta Hous i ng
Authority op era tes the prog r am f or th e Cit y .
Although t he prog r am is gene r a l l y l i mi ted to low- i n c ome
fami l ie s, s i ngle pe rsons a re eli gi b l e f or a dmi ss i on i n ~he
case of the e l de rly, ha ndic apped , a n d th ose dis p laced by
u rba n renewal or other gove r mnent a l a c ti on.
~here a r e on ly f i ve r eal f a c to r s de termi n i ng elig i bi: ity
t o l ive i n At l anta Public Hous ing :
( 1 ) The a ppl ic a nt must hav e\an address in Metropol i -::2. ::.
Atlanta . Th is doe s n ot mean h e mu s t hav e r es id enc e :o~
any l ength of time , bu t he mus t be living _; u pon a pp li cation
somewh e r e in t he a r ea .
( 2 ) The a pplic ant may no t have a net inc ome ( determ~ncc
~ram g ross r epo r ted inc ome, emp loyer 1 s records, and incl~d ~ng
ce r t ain deduc tions for chi l dren, health , and other f acto~s
~ighe r than the maximums estab l ished by t he Housing frnt :o r~ty .
'::::-,ecc af'c : fo i' a family o: 1 - ;i;3,G0 0 ; 2 - :;i3_, i,.0 1 ; 3 - :-~~ .ovv;
Lr - ~;3, 800; 5 - '.;i4 , 000 ; 6 - :;;! ~, 300; 7 - '.;:LJ., L,.00; J - :::._,., ::) C\.~ ;
S - :;L~, 600; 10 or more - :;).;., 7 00 . Tl esc cw ,..axin,tEl :.:..~-:.12u::·. c2
,:,et i' n Dc•c ~r.w,cJJlb /\.""\.,.l:,
·~ 1 965 !:'."' ' a ·r. -'-- '1 t:.:' .l~i· , , .· - -: " ---. · · ,·~ s,-' S
uL ~V s
.._, t:n e lS,50 ' s . Once el.::..t:.::ibi2. i -cy has b8e n :;:' cn::.:-1~· , :.·;..-.::.::.lie s
~ay earn more t han t he maxiiw and cont i ue oc cupanc y ~p ~o
certain limit s . The se c ont i nue d occupancy max imums ar2
- \-
...... .
�Page 2 .
El i~ibility
continu ed :
$3J750 for one person, rising a t increments of about $ 300
pe r person) to a maximwn of $5 ,875 for a famil y of 10 or
more . Every family moving into public housing must show
some sourc e of income whether it be employment ., welfare
or social security.
( 3) Families of 10 or mor e must receive a special waiver
from the authority to be eligi b le . All other families.,
me eting other qualifications, a re eligib l e .
( 4 ) Fai,,i l ies must pass a p olice check as to ·moral chara cter .
Wh il e pa st convictions will not prohi bit eligibility., being
presently wanted f or a_ c rime will.
(5) Each family must demons trate the physical and mental
capacity to care for themselves without placing a burden
up on the Housing Authority .
I n addit ion, there are two further requirements for the
e lderly : (a) a doc t or ' s heal t h certif i cate,; (b) a spons or
1~h o can be called in case of death or illness . ?ina lly.,
f i r st priority i n public h ousing goe s to persons who ha ve
b een di splac ed by gov~ r mnent housing . Although occupancy
is 99% full, space is held to a very s mall degree for such
pe r sons . The Housing Autho r ity wi ll also house persons on
a n eme r Gen c y basis. 8 or 9 Cuban families are now being
so housed .
Re nts are determineddupon th e basis of income ., s ou r c e o:r
i n come., family siz.e , standar d deduc tions ., · n e eds and o-'che r
vari a bles including t h e nwnber of children under s ch oo_
~?e . The mi nimum rent is $20 and rent can be as high as
$0 5 or mor e . For the elderly t he av e r age rent is $29 . 00.,
while the minimwn elderly rent in a high rise is $25 . 00.
Present Utilization :
8.,784 units built., llL~O units i n planning, 1200 units
reservation made but n o planning as yet. Total funds
re c eiv ed to date - _$63,808,000 . 00 f or 15 projects .
.. r..d s
Da te Bt:.i lt
Te c hwood
Clark Howell
Gr ady
Carve r
Ea rris
Pe rry
Uni v ers i t y
J ohn Hope
Grav es *
Childs *
Palrr,e:c *
6 04
81 5
67 5
2, 61 9 ., 000
3 ., 215 ., 000
3 ., 634 ., 000
2 ., 490 ., 000
10., 200 ., 00
6 ., 397., 000
9 .,217., 000
9 .,7 36,000
2 ., 523 ., 000
2 ., 595 .,000
1., 942 ., 000
1 ., 883 ., 000
2., 177.,000
2 J780Jooo
- -z_ --
194 2
1 964
1 965
Ra c e
-" W
w ( I) 4
1,.r ( I)
Unit s for the eld e rly only . Th e re are 2 ) 383 (inc . udi n g
tho s e i n Gr a v e s ) Chi ld s ) and Palmer) e lderly units sc a ttered
t h rough out the pro j e cts.
Dn l ... ~ o the rwis e noted) st ructur e s are 2 or 3 stori es hi gh
a nd d o not h a ve hall ways.
A hi gh - rise with hall ways.
I t is intere sting to n ote t h at in 1941 about 550 uni~s c os t
2 million dollars; today 2 million will not buil d half t h at
many u nit s .
Th is means that the p ro j ect is predominantly white with a
s ma ll amount of integration. Wh en (I) is not s h own it
indicates the project is 100% of the indicated race.
�Pr og rarr,:
Low Rent Public Housing ,
Turnkey 11 Me t h od
Nature and Puroose :
~h is is a new techni que for the p r ovi s ion of public housing
which permits a priv ate deve loper o r buil der to de a l with
a local hous ing authority in essent i ally th e same way
a s h e is accustomed to deal with his private cli ent s . Und er
th is s y stem, c alled t he 11 turnkey 11 approach, a develop e r
who has a site or an option, or c an obta i n one, may approach
the Atlanta Housing Autho ri ty with a p ropos a l to buil d in
accordanc e wit h p l ans a nd specifications prepared by his
own arc hitect and to a standard of good desi g n , quality and
workmanship . In the ev ent that the deve lop e r 's propo s al is
a ccep t able to -ch e Housing Au th ority , th e p a rties 1,.rill e:-.te r
into a contrac t unde r which t he Housing Authori t y . a g r ees to
purcha se t he c omp leted b uil d ing . Th is c6ntract will be
backed by t he Housing Assistance Adminis t r ation 's financial
assistance c ommitment to the Hous ing Auth ority , a nd it will
enable the d evelope r to s e cure comme rical c onst ructi on
financin g in his usua l way .
It is anticipated that the developer will be worki n g wi -cn
architects, contractors and subcont ractors of his own
choice and will bring to the Housing Autho ri ty t he benefit s
of his experi enc e and know- how i n p rodu c ing the desired
hou s i ng and related fa ciliti es and amenities .
The housing $hould be suitabl e , wel l-desig ned, and well constructed, able to stand hard wear f or at least 40 ye a rs ,
be designed fo r e con omi c a l admini s trati on and mai nten a n ce ,
b e produced in the most efficient and economic a l ma n ner ,
and be J,oc a ted i n fte;i. e;hb Q;rh QQQ § t hg. t will prQvide o. t@ti: - -t l1=
fui a· a d~cent ~nvirorune nt and on site s a cc eptabl e t o t h e
Housing Auth ori ty a nd HAA f or l ow- r ent hous i n g . It will be
necessar y for the developer and the Housing Authority to
d iscuss in g ene ra l terms the types and si zes ( n umber of
b e d rooms) of the h ous ing and f a cilities to be deve lop e d .
Th e d e velope r s h ould con sult wi th t he Housin g Authorit y
f rom t i me t o time during t he course of his planni n g t o insure
t h e a cc e p tance of his p l ans when th ey are dev e lop e d .
In or d er t o p r omote .s maller p ublicly - owne d d ev e lopme~t s ,
e spe cially to enable l ow- income families to l iv e i n tn e
same e nvironmen t with famili e s o r i n div iduals of highe r
i n c ome a n d possib ly u nde r arrang eme n ts whe r eb y th e t ena~0 s
a nd the p rop e r ty a r e no t s p e cifi c a lly id e nti fied as be i ~g
pu blic or priv at e . Fo r thes e r e as ons d ev el op e r s ar e
enc ourag ed to prop o se sites cons i de r ed· t o b e t oo l a r 6 e fo r
e xclus ive ly publ ic h ou s i n g to p l an comb ined priva te - p ublic
d evelooment s which will be n e fi t b oth t he l ow- i n come tenants
s ub s i di z e d by t he HAA t h r ough t h e Hous ing Autho rity ~nd t t e
te na nts of th e d ev e lop e r who may be low, mid d l e , or h i ghe r
inc ome , dep endin g on fina n c ing and e conomic fea sib i l ity .
Suc h a c omb i nat ion could als o i n clude c ooperativ e or
cond ominium housing .
- '-\ -
�Pa~c 2 .
Eligibility :
Private developers wh o h ave sites or op tions on sites
should contact the Atla nta Housing Authority.
Present Ut ilization :
This s h ould be an e x c e llent means through which
t o c onst ruc t in a s h orter length of time the 1,200 units
f or wh ich t he Atlanta Housing Authority presently has
a reservation .
FHA 221 Mort gage Insuranc e for Low and Yio derate
Priced Homes.
Nature and Purpose :
A program of mortgag e insurance to assist p rivate i n dustry
for the c ons tructi on or rehabilitation of individua_ sales
h ousing , and for the purchase and r epa ir of new or existing
multi - family units (up to 4 - family units) that are to be
sold or rented to low - income fam ilies .
The p rog ram p r ovioes h ousing for families dis plac ed by
urban r enewal or 0-.:-. : ..-:..· g ove rnment a ction . Also for fc.r:-.ili es
wi th low or moderate incomes and elderly or handicappe d persons .
FHA d o es not g rant mort gage insurance d irectly to the
contrac to r . I nstead upon approach by a con tra ctor , and
foll owing app rova l a s to pr op e rty standards, location, need,
e tc., t he FHA issues a commit tment to the con tr a ctor to
issue 221 mortgage insuranc e to the buyers of t h e homes once
th ey are built . The contra ct o r then finances his operations
a s normal on t he private market .
221 mortgag e i nsu rance is also ava ilabl e f or non - new const ruction
when an ind ivi dual is buying a house and rehab ilitat ing it to
live in. The s ame elig i bilities and down payments apply .
Normally, the FHA mort gage insurance will be for all c osts .
Howeve r, if constru ction has started on the house b e fore
the 221 i ns uranc e 1'ias rec eiv ed , th e mort gage i nsur ed cannot
be for mo re t han 90% of value. Ad ditiona lly, i f the borrower
is no t to be an o wne r - occupier (for example, a person renting
hous i ng or mul ti - family units), . or if he is refinancing the
p roperty, the mo rt gage c annot be more than 85% o f t he a mount

Ln:;n,n·ab:Le for an own@ t=occupie r., or 85% of the prop ei :cty v lu ,

wh ichever is less .
Norma l ly , the max i mum mort gage term is 30 years . How ev e r,
it c an be increased to 40 years when:
( a) in t he c ase of a d is plac ed family, the FHA dete r m~nes
the mort gagor c annot make the required payments on
a short e r - t erm mor t gage,
( b)
in the c ase of ot h er mo rtgag ors, the mor t gag o r is ~he
owner-occupant . and the FHA determines he c an 1 t ~ake
the necessa ry payments in a shorter - term mort g a g e ,
p rovided the h ouse was a pp roved by FHA or VA before,
and ins pe c ted during, construc t ion .
Normal ly , builders have sold home s at a pri c e allowing
fo r the maximu..'n mortgage to c over the pu rc hase price .
Th ere f ore , the average purchase price would n o r,.ally
b e the max imum mortgage to cover the purc hase price.
Theref ore, ~t he avera ge pu r chase pric e would normally be
the maximum mortgag e plus $ 200 for certifie d buyers or
p lus 3% fo r other s.
Atla nt a t he maximum mo rtgage has ri sen a s the national
maximum has risen. However, as t he maximum mortgage in
�Nature and Pu rpose continued :
1958 was
purc has e
$11,200 t
$11,330 t
$ 1 1 ,000 and to day it is $12 ,50 0 , the average
price c a n be s a i d to have been from a bout
o $1 2 ,700 for c ertified buye rs and f rom about
o $12,850 for oth er buye rs.
It shoul d be noted that mortgage s on the multi - family
renta l housing or home s rented under this prog ram are a ll
at the established FHA interest rat e ( 5 3/4%) and that
on this housing the r e are n o income limitations on occupants
a s there are on the below-market interest rate housing unde r
22l(d )(3).

Eligib ility :
P riority i s g ive n to families who are qualifie d on credit,
family - re l ated by blood, and c e rtifi ed by t he U. R. A. as be ing
d isplaced by g overnmental action . These persons c an p ay a
minimwn $ 200 d own payment.
Other persons who a re not fa:-:iilies
but are ove r 62 years o f a g e or phys i c a l ly hand ic apped can ,
if otherwise qua li f ied ., qualify fo r the minimum $200 drn·m
Rayment , or $400 fo r a two - family dwe llin g ., $6 00 for th r ee .,
$800 f or f our. All other persons, i f they ar e families o r
over 6 2 or handicapped are eli g ible for 221 home mortgage
i ns urance but only f or sing le family units, but they must
pay down 3% of t he t o tal aquis i tion cost o f the home -which would be about $37 5 ,00 t o day as t he maximum mortgage
insurable in Atla nta under 221 is $12, 500. Non- c e r tified ·
fami li es a r e a llowed t o purc hase 221 housing bec ause,
a lthoug h the p rog ram is int ended for displaced pe rsons , the
FHA desires t o s ee all units, constructed with FHA encourage ment under 221, purchased.
Present Utilization :
From 1935 throug h 1965, 3 , 8 31 home mort gage s have been
issue d u nder this prog r a m at a v alu e o f $ 37.,991 .,450 . In
1965, 252 home mo r tgages were insure d f or const ru ction u n der
221 at a value of $2 ., 565 ,900 (thes e fi gures included i n 1935 65 to tal abov ~ ) . In 1965., 6~ home mort ~a g es were _p rof o ~e d
fo r construction., but as of J anuary 1 960 ., not cons Gruc vea,
for-a total of $769,000 ( not i ncluded i n 1936-65 total above ).
These tota ls include 221 new sales housing ., homes bo~ght a n d
rehabi litated under 221., and homes bough and rehabilita ted
~ya n on- occupant under 221. These fi gur e s are fo r th e
standa rd Metrop o litan Atlanta a r e a . There has not b een any
ma rke t-rate 221 mort gage insuranc e f o r ·multi- family h ousing
( up to 4 - family units) in Atlan t a as o f J anuary, 1 966 .
�Progra m:
FHi\ 221 ( d) ( 3) Mortgag e Insurance At Below
Ma rket Ra te Int eres t For Ren~a l and Coop erativ e
Housing For _Families of Low and Moderate Income
Nature and Purpose :
There are a number of famil i es whose incomes ·a re too h i gh
for p ublic housing , but not high enough to comp ete fo r
adequate hous i ng in the private marke t. Some of these
familie s have been forced into the mar ke t because of urban
renewal or . other gove r nmental action .
To help the se families obta in housing at p ric es they c an
afford, ~h e Fede r a l Housing Administration insures mortgages
on special terms unde r the provisions of Section 22l(d)(3)
of the Nat ional Housing Act .
To keep t h e rents within t h e means of the p eople f or whom
the hous ing i s intended , the Act autho riz es a mort gag e
interest rate below the current market rate on FHA- insured
mortgages .
Priorities f or occupancy are g ive n to families dis placed by
g overnmental action. Othe r families whose incomes are within
th e limits e stablishe d b y FEA a l so can qualify for occupancy,
as c a n single -elderly or handic apped persons .
Proposed new construction, and existing properties r equiring
rehabilitation, with five or more units may be eligible for
mort g age insurance .
A mortgag e i nsu r ed under Section 22l ( d)(3) may c a rry a
marke t inte r est rate (at the p r e sent time not more than
pe rc e nt), or a below-market rat e .
Under th ese p rovisions, the intere st rate durin g construc~ion
may be as h i gh as the establis hed FHA maximum interest r a te
a t the time of construction . Upon fina l e n do r sement of t h e
loan, th e interest r a te will b e lowered t o 3 p erc e n t ·. FEA
wa ives th e mortgage insurance premiu m o f ½ perc ent f or p rojects
with this low interest rate .
For.public a g e nc ies , cooperatives (includ ing investor :... sp onsored ),
and non-profit _sponsors, mort gag es on new con structi on ma y
not exc ee d t he r e pla c ement cos t o f th e proj e c t ; on r e habili t a tion
pro j e cts, t h e e st i mate d co st o f rehabi lit at ion plus t h e v a lue
of th e proj ec t before r ehab i l itati on; or -i f refina n c i ~g is
~nvolved , the estimated cost of rehabilitation p lus t · e amount
re qui r e d to r e finance t h e out - s t anding indebt e dn e ss . Fo r
l i mite d - d istri bution mortgag ors, mo rt gages ma y not exce ed
90 pe rc e nt of these amounts .
T:Crn mortgage on any p roj e c t i s f urth e r limi t e d by s u ch fa ctors
as family income limits estab li shed by the FHA, and deb t
s ervice considerations .
�Nature and Purpose
The max i mum mortgag e term is 40 years or three quarte rs of
the ?HA estimate of the remaining economic life of the
prope r ty, whi chever is less. The maximun mort g a g e araount
is $12,500,000 . The mortgag e on any proj ec t is l143.215.248.55t ed
by construction costs and median income fig ures es tajlish ed
by FHA f or the area . Information regarding these limita tions
for a pa rticula r area may be obtained from the local FHA
insuring office.
Public and private limited distribution projects : If
advances are to be insured during const r uction two percent
of the orig inal principal amount of the mortgage will be
required as working capital . This fund must be deposited
with the mortgag ee by the mort gagor and must come from
sourc es other than mortgag e proceeds.
?riva te nonprofit projec ts ~ An allowance of two percent
to make th e pro ject operational, in lieu of working capital ,
may be included in the mortgage .
Wit h re s pec t to rent, carrying c ha r ges , and o ccupancy
requi rement s, FHA control s will be maintained unti l
the i nsured mortg age is p a id in ful l . To prevent ea rly
refinancing and releas e o f FHA controls, full or partial
p re - payment of the insured mortgage without app roval of
the FHA Commissioner is prohibite d , except that limited
d istribution mortgagors may pay in full aft e r 20 years
f rom the date of final endors ement without such approval .
All housing financed unde r the p rogram must operate in
a ccordance with re gulat ion s as to rentals, c harges, methods
of operation and occupancy requirements set forth by t he ?iiA.
Occupanc y is limited to families and to elde rly or handi capped
indivi duals of low and moderate income, with preferenc e
being giv e n to di splacees . .
Project s may be sold only with the prior approval of FHA and
subject to prescribe d conditions.
Elig ibility :
Proje cts may be deve loped b y public agencies (except loc a l
h ousin g authoriti es that obtain their funds exclusiv e l y f or
p ublic housing f r om the Fe deral Government) or by c o-- opera ti ves
(inc luding inve stor - sponsored), priv ate nonp rofit c o rpo ~ations
or as sociations, or limited di st ribution corp ora tions , or
other mortg a g ors approve d by t h e FHA Commissione r .
A n onprofi t mort g agor is a corporat ion or associ a tion
organi z e d for p urposes other than the making of prof it f or
its e lf or p e r s ons identified with it a nd found by Fn A to b e
i n n o ma nne r c ontroll e d by or under the dire ction o f p e rsons
or firms seeking to deriv e profit from it .
'--1, -
�Page 3,
Elig i b ility
builde r- se ller mortgagor is a special type of l im~te d
d is tribut ion mortgago r organized to build or rehabilitate
a proje ct and sell it, i~nediately upon complet ion, to a
p r i v ate nonprofit o rganization at the c ertified c ost of
the project .
A public mortga g or is a Federal i nstrumentality, a Sta te or
its p olitical subdivision, or a n instrumentality o f a SGat e
o r of its political subdivision, wh ich c ertifies t h a t it
is not receiving financial assistance exclusively for pub lic
h ousing from the Federal Government and whic h is acceptable
t o the FHA .
A limit ed d istribution mo rtgag or i s a corpo r ati on r estricted
as to distr ibution of inc ome by the laws of the Stat e of
its incorporation ( or by FHA) - or a trust, pa rt ne rs ~ ip ,
a ss oc iation , individual, or oth er entity restricted by law
or by t h e FHA a s to distribution s of income - forme d
exc lusively for the purpose of providing housing and r e g ulat ed
as to rents, c harg es, rat e o f return, and operating methods
i n a manner satisfac tory to the FHA .
A cooperative mortgagor is a nonprof it coopera-cive 0 .-m e rs h ip
hous ing corporation approved by FHA . Pe r manent oc c u panc y i s
restricted to t he membe rs , and e lig i bility and transfe rs of
membership are subject t o FHA controls .
An investor - sponsor mo r tgag or i s a s pecial type of l imi t ed·
distribution mortgagor organized to build or rehabilit ate
a project and transfer it to a cooperative . If the project
is not sold to a coopera tive with in two years after co~ ple tion ,
the investor sp onsor wi ll op erate it as a limite d dist ribution
corpo r at ion, for the purposes a ut h orized .
To live in these l ow rent p r ojects, famili e s mu st be making
less than $ 5,250 per year . It should be noted that these
- income limitations do not apply to re gular 221 housing .
This is a maximum income limitation which va rie s by family
s iz e . There is no absolute minimum but a minimum n e t i n come
a ft e r t a xe s and obli~a t i ons, whi ch v aries by the type of
a pa r tment involv ed and the types of oblig ations out s t a nding ,
is required . ·
P ri o rities are given to families c e rtified by U . R . A : a s
d i sp laced by g overnment action . For individua l s t o be
e l i g i bl e , they a lso mu s t h a ve suff i c i e nt f ina nc i al c apa city
a n d be b l ood - re l ated ( e xcep t f or p e rsons over 62 or -che
handi c app e d ). Th e r e are no mini mum income l i mits, but each
f amily must pass a credit check to show they can .afford the
housing .
/ v
�Page 4. ·
Pr ese nt Uti li zation :
A t ot a l of 16 p ro je cts , p rov idi ng 2,071 u nit s hav e bee n
bu ilt, a re under const ruct i on, or i n p l anning i n ~etrop ol itan
Atla nta . Those proje c ts, statu s and rental rang es and
income limita tions f oll ow:
Wheat Stre et Ga rd ens
323 I rwin Street , N. E.
Sp ons or : Church Homes, Inc. ( Pri va t e , n onp ro fit)
2Bo u n i t s - $2, 975,000 - Op ened 196 5
Rent a l Housing
Income Limi t s: 2 person s - $5 , 650
6 , 650
3 & 4
5 & 6
All 2 bedroom apartment s, unfu r nis hed, ligh t , ga s a n d
t eleph one a ddi t i ona l .
$69 . 50 mont h
Rents : Up s tai rs
Downsta r is - 72 , 50 month
All en Temp l e Apartme nts


11 Allen Templ e Court , N.W.
Sp ons or : All en Temp le Chu rch ( Priva te , n onp ro f it )
150 units (10 bu i ldi ngs, 15 units ea ch ) , finan c ing not
y et clo sed - Op ened Dec emb e r, 1965 .
Rental Housing
2 person s
I nc ome Limits:
$5 , 250
6 , 650
3 & 4
5 & 6
7 .or more
8 , 500
2 and 3 b e dro om apa rtment s , unfu r n i she d . Light, gas a nd.
t eleph one a dditiona l.
Rents :
2 bedroom on t er rac e
$62 . 00 month
2 bed r oom 1st and 2nd f l.
65 . 00
72 , 50
3 bed room on t erra ce
3 bed room· l st and 2nd f l.
East'wyck Village
2892 Eas t wyck Circle , De c a t u r
Sp ons or: FCH Company, I n c. ( Founda t ion f or Coop e r a t i v e
Hous i ng, Sta nf or d, Conn. ) (P r ivate , nonp rofi t)
6 se ctions, 441 units - $5, 37 3 , 400 - Opened 1965
Coope rative Housi ng
1 p e rson
$4 , 650 (mu s t b e over 62 yea rs)
I ncome Limi ts :
5 , 650
6 , 650
3 & 4
5 & 6
7 or more
J) --
�Page 5,
Eas twyck Village
Furni s hed apartments .
Water , sewerageand garbage are
$3,70 additional .
Payments :
1 ·b8d: oom
$53 . 00 month
2 bedro~
69 . 00 month
2 bedroom , l ½ bath s, basement
3 bedroom
3 be d room, l ½ baths, b asement
4 be drooms, l ½ baths, basement
$79 . 00 mon t h
84 .00
94 . oo
· under Con struction
Allen Temple Apartment s # 2
11 Al len Temple Court, N. W.
Spons or:
Allen Te~p le Church (P riv~ t e, nonprofi t)
225 units, completion early 1967 ·
Rental Hous ing
Same as Allen Temple · Apa rtments # l
I nc ome Limits:
Same as Allen Temple Apartments # 1
Cambri dge Sauare
3061 Oakdale Road, Doraville, Georgia
Sponsor :
FCH Company, Inc.
( Private, · nonprofit)
134 units - complet ion March 1967
124 units - completion September, 1967
Cooperative Housing
Income Limits:
1 person
7 or more
Unfurnished apartments .
addit iona l $3 .70 c harge
$L~, 350 (must be over 62 years)
6, 200
Wa ter, sewerage and garbage are an
1 bedroom
$58 . oo
2 bedroom
69 .00
2 b ed room , l ½ bath , basement
79 .00
3 b e droom
3 bedroom, 1.1 bath basement
4 bedroom, l ½ bath: basement
79 . 00
86 . oo
97 . 00
I n P_anning o r di s cuss i on :
Wheat St re e t Ga rdens
( addi tion)
323 I rwin St r eet, N. E .
Sponsor :
Chur c h Home s, Inc .
( P rivat e , n onp rof it)
240 units in p l a nni n g , construc t ion to s t art spring 1967
( will probably b e mostly 3 bedroom apa rtments )
Rental housing .
Pac;e 6 .
I n Planning or dis cus s i on · continue d
97 unit s in planning , commitment issue d (but, b e c au s e
rent v alue s were t oo low, mi ght be reconsidered), no
con s t ruction plans yet .
Bal lard He i ghts
84 u nit s in planning, no formal application yet
Halyc on
200 units in planning , no formal app lication yet
?a r k Wes t
96 units in planning, no formal application yet
.I -,
, )

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