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proposals will be opened
september 5, 1968 at 10:00 A.M.
Atlanta Housing Authority
824 Hurt Building
Atlanta, Georgia 30303
£0£0£ eJ~Joa~ ' e1ue1w
~UJPl!"8 lJ"H 1'l8
POPULATION: Estimated 1967 metropol itan Atlanta (5 coun ty area) 1,242,000 .
Atlanta acquire s a new citizen every 16.95
Ji1po41n" ~uisnoH e1ue1w
·w·v oo:or ie 896 ! ·s 1aqwa1ctas
pauado aq ll !M s1esod0Jd
EM PLOYM ENT: Each year si nce 1961, the
area has added an average of 25 ,000 wage
and salary jobs.
'13~'1 1N3Wd013/\303~ N'18~n 3lll/\S'1WOH1 3Hl
MANUFACTURING: Atlanta is the .und is-
puted industrial center of the So uth. Some
1,500 manufacturers produce more than
3,500 commodit ies in Atlanta.
u'SO~~N Nlf81/D 1113/1/l/3
110:I 0Nlf1 5D1dl/DS 1lf//~O~:I
CONSTRUCTION: Remains strong in both
commercial and res ident ial fields. Apart·
ment construction ha s been particularly
BUILDING PERMITS: Atlanta is growing at a
record rate , and bu ilding permits for last
year tota lled $ 167 million. Thi s surpassed
the $150 mill ion in building permit values
for the 12 months in 1964 ... a record
yea r. A tlanta's building boom has kep t the
a nnual figures at about SI 00 million for
over half of the decade.
SISVB lVSOdOHd 3/\llll3dWOJ V NO
FINANCE: 44 commercial banks, ten of
which are national banks, are located in
metropolitan Atlanta. Headquarters for
Sixth Federal Resen 1e District, Atlanta
ranks ninth in the nation in bank clearings.
LOCATION : ln Southeast At lanta. 4 miles fro m the Center of the
City. just Southeast of the Atla nta Fede ral Penitentiary.
SIZE: Thi s de\'elopment competition area incl udes two tracts
totalling approximately 96 ac res.
DESIGN: The object of thi s development is an economica ll y a nd
soc ia ll y balanced residential complex as an integral part of the
surrou nd ing community, with major emphasis placed on hou sing
for a cross-section of the socia l and economic grours of Atlanta.
A substan tial portion of the hou sing (not less than 300 dwel ling
units) mu st be developed und er a program whi ch will assure it s
av.iilability to families of the lowest income group. Thi s design is
to include:
Streets & util ities
ZONING: The: tr,tcts ,,ill be rezoned by the Authority to conform
to th e winn ing proposal.
In any Urban Redevelopment area, no proposa l can rece ive consideration that contemplates an unpermitted use. Thi s assures good neighbors
and perma nence of values. All proposals must include a statement by
the redeveloper showing financial responsibility and capability to successfully complete the proposed improvements set forth in preliminary
drawings and a narrative description. Th ese are carefu lly cons idered
before a determination is made as to wh ich proposa l is to be accepted.
The agency will accept such proposa ls, if any, as it deems to be in the
public interest and in furtherance of the purposes of the Georgia Redevelopment Law.
The followin g criteria will be used in evaluating each proposal:
a. The excellence of the site plan for the development of the land particularly as it relates to the creation of optimum living environment.
b. The excellence of the architectural design and the quality of the proposed construction.
c. The financial responsibility and demonstrated capability of the Redeveloper.
d. The manner in which the proposed development meets the goals and
objectives as set forth in Section 6 of the Invitation for Proposals iss ued
by the Atlanta Hous ing Authority on June 10, 1968.
e. The relationship between the rentals to be charged and the number of
rooms per unit, size of rooms, and other amenities to be provided by
the Redeveloper.
f. Acceptab ility of the proposed public facility sites to the agencies involved
in their development.
Ask about tracts in other Atlanta Urban Redevelopment Areas
Atlanta Housing Authority
B24 Hurt Building
Atlanta, Ge orgia 30303
404 / 523-6074
PRICE: A fixed price of $7.650.00 per acre ( ! 7.562c per ~q . ft.)
has been estabfo.,hed for th e res identia l and com mercial land. Th e
area is to be comput ed by a registe red Surveyor. Th e maximum
land va lue acceptable to FHA for areas used for 22 1 (d)( 3)
housing is $4.500.00 per acre.
TERMS: Deve loper mus t buy th e en tire propeny designated in his
pla n for residential and commercia l use. Land for street s. utili ties.
schools, park s. and the ex pressway will be acqu ired and deve loped
by others.
Partial take du,, n of land may b(: arranged provided substanti al
housing areas arc developed pr ior to deve lopment of the shopping
area or areas. All land must be purchased within 24 months subject to commitme nt by FHA.
P roposals are to be subm itted for the design of the e11l'1c area and
th e co nstruct ion of the residen ti al and comme rcia l developments.
The deve lopmen t of th e Federal Surplus land co nt a in ed in this
inv itati on provides an opportunity to meet some of the most urge nt
needs of th e C ity of At lanta: I-l ous ing. Edu catio n. R ec reation.
Employment. and o the r pub lic se rvices.
Excellence of plan. q ua lity of desig n and construction. an d the
manne r in which th e developer will meet socia l and econom ic goals
will be major factors in eva luati ng proposa ls.
PROPOSALS ARE NOT COMPLICATED, The Atl an ta Housing Authority wi ll glad ly answer questions concerning the method of
making your proposal.
P roposa ls are to be opened in the ofticc o f the A tlanta H ousing
A uth ority on September 5. 1968. at I 0:00 AM.
lf an acceptable proposal is not received. the Author it y will con·
tinuc to receive proposals and to open them as rece ived fo r a period
of six months. or until a proposal has bee n approved by the Com·
mi ssioners of th e Authority . whichever shall first occ ur. Proposal
forms. survey plat s. and com ple te detail s arc avai lable from th e
At lanta I-l ousing Autho rit y.
THE COMMUNITY: At lanta is a city of beautiful homes, rolling terrain , sca ttered and
dense stands of tree s. A moderate climate
permits year round outdoor activity. Atlanta offers almost 5,000 acres of public
parks and playgrounds; 11 major colleges,
20 genera l and 10 special hospitals, and
more than 700 churches of every creed and
de nom ination. In addit ion to a thriv ing
downtown business distr ict, there are more
than 60 suburban shopping centers. Atlanta boasts a new $18,000,000 major
league sports stadium and a new $9 million
auditorium.convention center. Nearing
completion is a S8.1 million arts center.
GA. - R - 22
This offering invites yo ur proposal for the
purchase and development of Parcels BB· 1
and CC-1 in the Thomasville Urban Redevelopment Area. These two parcels
represent approx imately 96 acres of Federal Surplus land made available for the
development of an economicall y and
sociall y balanced resident ial complex as an
integral part of the surrounding community. The area is currently surrou nded by
predominantly residential uses on the
no rth , south and cast. T o the west is the
Atlanta Federal Penitentiary, wh ich will
be adequately buffered from thi s area. To
the north is a private apartment complex
and single fami ly residences. To the east,
in the Thom asvi lle Urban Redevelopment
Project, are 350 si ngle family dwellings, a
park, a proposed elementary school, a 10.2
acre shopping center, and 350 units
of public housing under construction. To
the south is a sin gle family residential
neighborhood, an elementary school, and
the South View Cemetery separated from
this area by a railroad right-of-way.
This competiti on involves the design of an
entire comm un ity which includ es:
HOUSING: A major goa l of this development is to provide hou sing fo r a cross section of the social and economic groups of
Atlanta. A substantial portion of the housing (not less than 300 dwelling units)
must be developed under a program which
will assure its ava ilability to families of the
lowest income group. Building types
should be varied and may include dwelling
units from efficiency apartments for the
elderly to five bedroom units for large
EDUCATION: The developer wil l be required to des ignate land in th e area to be
acqu ired and developed by the At lanta
Board of Education fo r two primary
schools a nd a middle school.
RECREATION: The redeveloper will be required to designate usable land in the area
to be acqu ired and developed by the City
of Atlanta for th e ex pansion of an existing
COMMERCE, The redeveloper wi ll be permitted to designate and acquire land on
which a sma ll retail commercial area will
be developed to serve the residents and the
surrounding community.
Publ ic stree ts and
utilities designated in the Redevelopment
Plan will be installed at no expense to the
We invite you to study this brochure wh ich
gives a brief description of the property,
terms of sale and other data. Further details and information are quickly and
readily available from the Atlanta Housing
Th e maximum land mlues affe()table 10
F.H .A. for areas used for 221 (d){s) ho11Si11g is $4,500.00 per acre rnbject to 011tsta11di11g underwriting instmctions and will
rt'prese111 the fair \'fil11e of land for use in
cost certificatio11, \\'hen required.
an oooortunitv to desian and develop a 96 acre neie:hborhood

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