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Nov 2, 1966
My Dear Mayor Ivan Allen,
I do not know too much about the laws governing the housing code and am embarrassed to approach the subject concerning the aunt of mine who has a mind of her own and has not wanted us to get her away from her home on Pryor St.
We tried to no avail to get her to sell 10 years ago, but she insisted she had to keep it on account of her animals. I have responsibilities of my own and I can't support her large number of animals and her. She gets old age assistance now. She says she is to get out by Dec 28, this year. She insists it will kill her and calls me every day saying she is too sick to move. Really I don't know what to do. My health is so I can't take on more worries. I have exhausted all efforts to get her to give up her dogs, but she won't. She has tied my hands because of this.
I don't know what can be done, but I also know she is stubborn and could resort to harming herself if she has to move. I can't understand why she prefers to live without heat, light, or any way to cook, so she can keep these animals. I would appreciate anything done, but if she wants to remain in this old house, she may die, but she says she had rather die and she may. I have reached my wits' end as to what is the best to do.
I shall leave this up to you, since she is old, sick, and obstinate.
Respectfully yours,
Mrs. Lillian Chancellor
128 Marietta St NW
Re Miss Camilla Stipe
741 Pryor St SW


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