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How Are the HAA Social Goals
Being Implemented in Public Housing?

Round Table Discussion
Thursday, November 7 - 4:00-5:30 p.m.

Updating Management Policies and Practices

1. What LHA policies and procedures need to be changed?.
-which policies are most offensive to the residents?
-which policies should be eliminated?

-which policies should be simplified?

2. How can residents assist in determining which procedures should be changed?

3. How can the administrative policies be liberalized to enable over income _
residents to remain when there is no suitable housing on the private market?
~should a minor's income be counted as income?

4, What is the most equitable rent system and income re-examination?
-how often should a resident's income be re-examined?
-is a flat rent system preferable to graded rents?

5. How can applications be simplified? Which information can be eliminated?
-criminal records? z
-illegitimate children?
-addict or alcoholic in family?

6. How can leases be simplified? Are resident handbooks effective in commmicating
LHA policies to residents? :
-what should resident handbooks include?
-what are residents' rights and responsibilities in the lease?
-what are the LHA's responsibilities and-powers in the lease?

7. Can damage and surcharges and security deposits be eliminated?
-what maintenance services are the responsibility of the LHA, as the lessor?

8. How can housing be made more secure for resident safety?
-change of locks each time a unit is vacated?
-appoint a resident building superintendent in each building?
-create or enlarge an LHA security guard?
-can residents be security guards?
-lock outside doors at specific times and give tenants keys?

9. What kind of procedure should be established in order that residents and
applicants may receive a hearing on complaints? ,
-who should be a member of such a “hearing panel"?

-how should members be appointed?
-what authority should the panel have?

10. How can LHA office hours be scheduled to accommodate working residents?

ll. Should residents be informed of Board meetings and invited to attend?
-should Board meetings be held in projects on a rotating basis?

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Expansion of Community Services and Facilities


Who should provide increased community services for residents?
-the local housing authority?

-an outside social welfare agency?

-the local community action agency?

-the tenant association?

What services do the residents need? How are priority needs determined?
-education: headstart, remedial, adult basic education,
citizenship and English

-day care


-health: daily care for elderly, Medicare, prenatal and baby

clinics, education

-consumer education: Food Stamp Program, credit unions, consumer

-employment training: apprenticeship programs with local unions,
Neighborhood Youth Corps, LHA modernization
activities, aides in public welfare agencies,
LHA management and maintenance staff

How can the services be stimulated and who should coordinate them?

Should services be "brought to the residents" and located in the project, or
should residents "go to the services” in the commnity?



How can LHA management staff be alerted to be sensitive and responsive to
needs of residents?

-staff discussions?

~training programs?

-what is the role of local higher education institutions?

Current management staff reassigned and how?

Is additional staff needed? How should it be assigned? Can residents be
recruited for some functions?





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