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March 6, 1969

Mr. Edwin L. Sterne, Chairman
Atlanta Housing Authority

639 Trust Company of Georgia Building
Atlanta, Georgia 30303

Dear Eddie:

Thirty-one years ago the Atlanta Housing Authority was established to
provide for decent shelter for the less fortunate citizens of Atlanta.

Under the Authority leadership, the very first low-rent public housing
project in America was built - Techwood Homes. Since that time, AHA
has built and operated some 10, 550 units ef public housing and has
almost 1,587 units under construction for occupancy very soon.

At the same time, AHA has been the administrative arm for the City
of Atlanta urban redevelopment program. Like the public housing
program, the urban renewal program has long been recognized as one
of the most outstanding in the United States..

No one can deny this fact!

The Atlanta Housing Authority has been a moving force behind the
growth and development of this city.

Over the years since the inception of AHA, we have seen staggering
changes in the economic, social and political face of Atlanta, AHA,
like many other successful forces in the city, has been an agent for
much of this change. It has, in fact, undergone much change in itself.

Any organization which exists for any length of time builds up policies
and procedures which must undergo constant review and revision as the
environment in which it operates undergoes revision and evolution.

Mr. Sterne
Page Two
March 6, 1969

The demands of the Tenants United for Fairness (TUFF) is a manifestation
of one of the most profound changes in our society of the last decade. The

rising expectations of the poor and forgotten for a bigger voice in the things
which affect theim lives have united many individuals in hopes that the many
voices joined together will be heard.

The voices of these people might not always be right, but they must be

It is my thought that the best interests of all the city could be served by
a general public review of AHA policies and procedures and revision of
such policies and procedures where this might be necessary to protect
and satisfy the city as a whole.

I do not intend to imply that AHA is right or wrong in any way so far as
charges of TUFF are concerned. ButI do feel that AHA, through its own

initiation, might do everyone a great good by calling for a general review
of its operations,

This might be done by setting up a blue ribbon committee of AHA
commissioners, tenant representatives and leaders from the Chamber
of Commerce, Christian Council, League of Women Voters, etc.
Professional consultant help might also be brought in to assist such

a committee,

I realize such a step could be a painful experience. At the same time,
it might be the less painful route in the long run,

I will appreciate your comments and thoughts,

Sincerely yours,

Ivan Allen, Jr.

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