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March 6 1 1969
Mr . Edwin L . Stel"ne, Chairnian
Atlanta Housing Authority
(:>39 Trust Company of Geo:rg,ia Building
Atlanta, Geot'gia 30303
Dear Eddie :
Thirty-one years ago the Atlanta H ousing Author.tty was established to
provide fol' dece:-nt shelt r for the less fortunat . citizens of Atlanta.
Under the Authority leader hip, the very first low-rent public housing
project in America was built ,.. Techwood Homes . Since that tjrne , AHA
has built nd op rated som l0j 550 wiits Gf public houslng and has
almost 1, 587 unit u:nd ~ construction for occupancy v ry soon.
At the
me tune, AHA has boen the dministrative arm for the City
of Atlanta lU*b - n l'edevelopment progr :m. Lik the public housing
program, th u-:ban :r;'enewal program has long been recognized as one
of the most outstanding in th Unit d S t . tes .
No one can d ny thi
The Atlanta Housing Autho rity has b · en a moving force behind th
growth and dev lopm.ent of this city.
Ov r the years inc the lnc ption of AHA, w have
en taggering
changes in th~ economic , sod 1 and political f o of Atlant . . AHA ..
lik many other succe sful fore s in the city. h
be n an agent £or
much of this ch ng . It ha , in fac:tp und rgon much ch · ng in itself.
Any oi-g nizatlon which xi ts !or ny 1 ngth of ti.m build up poli.cies
and proc dure whlc:h mu t und rgo con t nt r view nd l" vision
nvironment in which it op r t
undergo " revision and volution.
Mr . Sterne
Page Two
March 6 , 1969
The demands of the Tenants United for Fairness (TUFF) is a manifestation
of one of the most profound changes in our society of the last decade . The
rising expectations of the poor nd forgotten for a bigger voice in the things
which affed theht lives have united many individuals in hopes that the many
voices joined togeth<u· will be heard .
The voices of these peopl
heard .
might not always be right, but they must be
lt is my thought that the best inter sts of all the city could be served by
a gen ral public rE)view of AHA policies and procedures and ,:evision of
uch policies and procedur s where this might be necessary to prot ct
and satisfy the city as a whol .

right or wrong in any way ~o far as

charg s of TUFF a.l'e concerned. But I do feel that AHA. through its own
initiation, might do v ryon a great good by calling for a g n ral review
I do not intend to imply that AHA i
of its op rations.
This might be don · by setting up a blu ribbon committ e of AHA
commi ion , rs,. tenant r pre entativ s and le dete fr,om the Charnbeiof Com.rn :re , Chri tian Council, League of Women Vot rs , tc.
Prof slonal consult nth lp might lso be b:rought in to as let such
a comrnitt e.
I r aliz
uch a t p could b · painful exp rience. At th
it might be the le
painfal route in th long :vun.
I will appr ciate you:r comm .nt
nd thought •
Siner f ly youre.
'l v n All n. Jr.
M yot
me time,

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