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Atlanta, Georgia 30303 ; ow go

December 9, 1966 f).



0: Dan Sweat

FROM: Collier B. Gledin e B)\

SUBJECT: 1967 Housing Code Compliance Program

The following major changes ere recommended;

A. Policy and Procedure Guide
1, Goals
Addition of a new gosl of review and re-evaluation in anticipation

of oa need for basic changes in the program in 1968 and afterwards.
Observation from HUD and Atlenta's experience have indicated that

it will be necessary to repeat our rehabilitation effort in areas
previously covered several years ago. This feature is also
vecosmended for inclusion as a factor to be considered in determining
priorities. (Addition of F to Section L)

Orgenization and Administration

Changes in organizetion and administration are recommended to

reflect personnel additions in 1967. The Mayor's public statement

in favor of these increases provides the basis upon which the changes
were considered. (General changes as they apply throughout Section III).

Area Housing Code Compliance Policies

The abandonment of the specific objective of once « month sector
ter Inspector is recommended. Present heavy case
load requires this change. However, the objective is partially reached
the inspector in the course of handling his usual case load,
3 Section IV).

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Memorandum to Dan Sweat
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B. Housing Code Complience Prograw Mep - Mejor Changes For Consideration:

1. The ennexed Adamsville area has been added to the mep and a
program for ite treatment will be developed in 1967.

2. East Atlanta has been changed from rehabilitation end code clearence
to Title I Urban Renewal.

3. The Candler Perk area north of Mclendon Avenue, between Moreland
Avenue and the Park, has been changed from rehabilitation in 1967
to intensive conservetion.

4. In view of the city's current inability to initiate urban renewal
ection within the next five years in areas previously deemed suitable
for this type of treatment, the following adjustments have been meade:

(e) Howard High eree (old Fourth Ward) has been changed from
Title I Urben Renevel to Rehabilitation, 1967D.

(b) Cabbage Town (Sevanueh Street) hes been chenged from Title
I Urban Renewal to Rehabilitation, 1967B.

(c} Summerhill hes been changed from Title I Urban Renewal to
Rehabilitation, 1967A, |

5. Since present plans of Georgie Tech do not call for expansion north .
of Eighth Street in the near future, the area between Eighth end
Tenth Streets has been designated for rehabilitation action under
vesponsibility of the Sector Inspector.

6. Areas along Ormond and Atlanta Avenues have been changed from
intensive conservation to 1967 and 1968 rehabilitation treatment.

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