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January 2 , 1968
Dr . William Marinr,
Associate ProfessoJ,"
Project C o -Dh•ector
Comprehensive Neighbo;rhood Health Centel'
Emory Univer sity School of Medicine
Department of Preventive Medicine and
C ommunity He 1th
69 Butl r Street, S . E.
Atlant , Ge o rgi 30303
r Dr. M rin
Thank you for your invitation to the January 10 meeting of
the C omprehen ive Neighborhood H alth C nt r program,
Unfortun tely_. I will be in Washington on th t d y but h ve
k d my colle gue,, Johnny Robinson, to repr sent thi o!llc .
We look forw rd to cooperating with you
important und l"t king.
nd your st ff in you:,:
Sine rely ym.u:e,.
Dan Swe t

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