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Parent Child Center Briefing Conference
Sammye E. Coan Middle School
1500 Boulevard Drive, S. E.
January 10-11, 1968
Tentative Agenda
Wednesday, January 10 - 7:00 P.M. - 9:00 P.M.
Opening Statements
Mr. Ralph Long, Principal
Sammye E. Coan Middle School
Introductions ---------------------------- _Miss Ann Ingram, Planning Director
Parent and Child Center
Remarks ---------------------------------- Mr. T. M. Parham, Executive Administrator
Economic Opportunity Atlanta, Inc.
Mr. J. H. Calhoun, Assistant
for Community Development, EOA
(Exhibits, Displays in School Gymnasium) Informal Dis cuss ion and Re freshments
Thursday, January 11
9:00 - 11:30 A.M.
Presiding :
"What' s Now Being Done"
Dr. Boyd McCandless
Director of Educationa l Psychology
Emory Universit y
Infant Education Project Institute for Deve lopme nt of Human Resources,
University of Florida
Project Know How - Dr. Richard M. Dunham
Department of Human Development
Florida State Univers it y
Project Enable
�Tentative Agenda
Page 2
New School Projects - Dr. Jarvis Barnes
Assistant Superintendent for Research and Development
Atlanta Public Schools
11:30 - 11:40 A.M.
11:40 . A.M. - 1:00 P.M.
"Who's Interested in the PCC"
Mr. Harold E. Barrett
Associate -Administrator for Community Services
Economic Opportunity Atlanta, Inc.
Social Services - Mrs Camille Jeffers, Atlanta University School of
Social Work
Health Services - Mrs. Phylli s Siefferman
Kirkwood Health Center
DeKalb County Health Department
Recreation - Mr. Aaron Watson, Director
Sammye E. Coan Community School
Housing Nei ghborhood Facili t i es Prog ram
Regional of fic e , HUD
Employment Bure au of Work Programs
U. S. Departme n t of Labor
1:00 - 2:00 P . M.
LUNCH (School Cafeteria )
2 :00 - 3 :15 P. M.
Sma l l Group Discussions
(Group assi gnments determined by number$ given at beginning
of day - Each group will have leader, recorder, cons ultant)
3 : 15 - 3: 30 P. M.
3 :30 - 4:3 0 P.M.
Summary Session
Presi ding:
Mr. J ohnny Popwe ll , Direc to r
Edgewood Neighborhood Service Center
(Reports from smal l groups )
(Remar ks from Pro j ect Officer, Pro j ect Coord ina tqr, etc.)

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