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February 3, 1968
PHONE 4 0 4 - 5 2 3 - 4 3 0 3
Mayor Ivan Al len
Cit y Hall
Atlant a, Georgia
Dear Mayor Al len:
During the past six weeks, members of Atlanta University OEO
Multi-Purpose Training Center have received training at the Frank
Riessrnan New Careers Laboratory of New York University. We are
excited over the possibility of the new careers strategy for moving
poor people out of poverty.
Basically, the new careers idea provides an alternative avenue
to the present credentials system based on high s chool diploma and
other degrees for the achievement of professional and sld..lled positions.
The approach requires that individuals be employed in a position with
the existence of a career ladder, training and education, both in
educational institutions and on the job. For individuals who have
dropped out of the school system and who are hostile toward returning
to it, this program seems to be a major opportunity.
While the ne1-i careers approach is being tested in several major
cities throughout the country, we feel that it is advisable to make
key individuals in the Southeastern Region familiar with the approach.
Accordingly, the Atlanta University OEO Multi-Purpose Training Center
is interested in the possibility of a joint community action agencies
and industry conference on the new careers strategy. Dr. Riessrnan
has assured us of support and participation from his staff.
This letter invites you or a designated person to serve on the
planning committee for the regional conference.
The planning committee will be concerned with the following items:
1. The desirability and feasibility of such a conference;
2. The conference participants;
3. Time and place;
4. Program content; and
5. Conference follow-up procedures.
�February 3, 1968
Page 2
The new careers approach seems to be an excellent strategy for
cooperating with President Johnson 1 s request of industry to employ
hard core poor people, and for helping comrnuriity action agencies,
welfare departments, boards of education, health departments , and
other large public and private agencies, to provide career ladders
vis-a-vis deadend jobs for the poor.
Yow.~ early response to t his invitation will be appreciated
Sincerely yours,
C. Cothran
Director Multi-Purpose
Training Center
TCC :mk
Sent to:
Mr. James Parham
Mr . W.L. Montague
Mr . Wm. Norwood
Mr. Donald Hollowell
Mr. John Dean
Mr. Clarence Coleman

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