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Box 3, Folder 11, Document 28

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February 27, 1968
Mi·. Tom Cochran
Office of Economic Opportunity
1200 -19th Street, N. W.
R oom 703
Was hington, D . C. 20 506
Dea r Tom:
I want to thank you again fo r the fine show you put on for
Sargent Shriver on his visit to Atlanta.
In the three or four visits by Mr. Shriver here that I have
been involved in things have not always gone as smoothly
as they did on this visit . I am sure th t ev ryone else is
in a greement with me that your handling of the various
aspects of the visit as done v ry professionally and in a
responsible manner.
I have had several comments from th pre s noting that it
was a real relief to have a person with your attitude
organizing a visit for a high-ranking Fedel' 1 offlci 1.
Too often advance men to more h rm th n good.
Enclos dis
k y ehaln which you wer lnt rested in from
the M ayor. Let us know if we c n b of any help to you in
the future,
S incerely your ,
D an S w at
DS: fy

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