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Atlanta Chamber of Commerce
P, 0, BOX 1740 -
PHONE 1521-08415
February 21, 1 968
Dr. Tilman c. Cothran, Director
Multi-Purpos e Trainin g C nter
Atlanta University
Atlanta, Georgia 30Jl4
Dear Dr. Cothran:
Dan Sweat referred your correspondence
on an Atlanta New Careers Conference to me for
suggestions. As you are a member of the Chamber's
Task Force tor Full Employment , you are fully
a.ware of our vital interest in unemployment . The
N w Oar ers program is an excellent one, and the
Atlanta business community would profit from
furth r exposure to it .
I hope that yo~ will continue to work
closely with Curtis Driskell in planning the
Conference and offer you both the support and
encour gement of the Chamber of Commerce in your
efforts. Please keep us informed or your
progress and let me know if I c n be of any
ssist nee.
With best wi hes,
Mr. Dan E. Swe t, Jr. /

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