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February 9, 1968
Mayor Ivan Allen, Jr.
Mayor of Atlanta
68 Mitchell Street, S. W.
Atlanta, Georgia
\)r'- ,
K"'k. .,J-

 : r l : : o ~ : : : : t s to the Economic Opportunity~ made

changes in the requirements for community action agencies which
conduct local anti-poverty programs under Title II of the Act.
The new amendments give state and local governments the right to
designate the community action agency to serve their areas. The
relevant government may desi gnate the ex isting CAA as the agency
to carry on the anti-poverty program after July 1, 1968. Alternatively, it may elect to designate itself or another public agency
or private non-profit organization to assume responsibility for
community action programs. As a general matter an existing
community action agency must cease operations by February 1, 1969,
i f the second alternative is chosen. In addition, all community
action a gencies--both new and old--must satisfy the revised
requirements concerning the composition of the a gency's board of
directors by July 1, 1968. By May 1, 1968, existing CAA's must
submit certification that such requirements have been met or that
they will be met prior to July 1, 1968.
The enclosed booklet exp lains the amendments and t he policies,
pr ocedures an d application forms which must be followed. It is
i mpor tant that you familiarize yourself with those policies and
pro c edur es at once , since steps must be taken ve r y quickly if
compl i ance with t he new requirements is not to result i n disruption
of vital s ervi c es t o the poor in thos e communities which a l r eady
have community action agencies.
Plea se note that the s tate or l ocal governmen t designation of a
community action ag ency and t h e accompanying app l ica t ion to OEO for
its recognition should be recei ved by OEO no t later than July 1,
1968 . Other local governments within the area to be s e rve d by the
agency must be notified of the intention to apply at least 45 days
beforehand-- that is, not later than May 15, 1968.
2 -
In view of this time schedule, I cannot stress too strongly the
need for prompt attention to the enclosed booklet. Copies of the
application forms may be obtained for your use by filling out and
returning the enclosed Notice of Intention to Designate which we
would like to have by March 15, 1968. I urge you to do so as soon
as possible so that we can be of maximum assistance to you. The
name of the OEO official who has immediate responsibility for
your area is listed below. Please feel free to contact him after
you have read the enclosed materials.
~ tr:r:?~,) Ralph A. Phelps, !r.
Regional Director

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