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Mr. Dan E. Sweat, Jr. DATE: May 17, 1968
Director, Governmental Liaison
City of Atlanta

FROM: T. M. Parham 2
Executive Administrator

Economic Opportunity Atlanta, Inc.


The Neighborhood Youth Corps (Out-of-School) program
for EOA is being reduced by the U.S. Department of
Labor beginning with a new budget year beginning
July 7, 1968 from 440 slots to 330, a cut of 25%.
For the past few weeks we have been under orders

not to fill vacancies until we've reached 80% of

our currently allotted 440 slots.

Conversations with Regional Labor Department officials,
specifically Mr. Ludwin Branch, Director of the Bureau
of Work Training Program and Mr. Sam Lubin, indicate
that this is a result of a national reduction in funds
for this program. Other information which has come’ to
me from personal contacts indicate the possibility’
that money is being shifted from one region of the
country to another in order to provide additional youth
job opportunities in some of the larger cities. Mr.
Bill Allison on a recent trip to Chicago was informed
that that city received 15,000 additional NYC slots
for the summer. I plan to check on this next week
whil@ in Chicago for another meeting.

It is my further understanding from the Regional Office
that the Neighborhood Youth Corps (In-School Program)
operated by the public school is expected to be cut
15-20% for the next school year, however, it is true
that the Atlanta Public Schools have been awarded

300 extra slots for the summer. I assume that when
Mr. Dan E. Sweat, Jr.. May ‘17, 1968

the summer slots expire the 15-20% cut will be im-
posed and the schools will have fewer jobs opportuni-
ties for youth next school year than this school year.

As I indicated to you this is one of the most practical
programs ever developed regarding employment opportuni-
ties for youth. It has not been as attractive to boys
as to girls but it has enabled many youngsters to secure
some well supervised work training experience, make
.some money, and move on to better jobs and/or advanced

In addition to these values, the work performed by
these youngsters has been extremely valuable to the
public agencies where they have been employed.

Unless there is some other program being developed which
will accomplish these same aims, it is extremely unwise
to further limit our potential for job opportunities
for these young people between the ages of 16-21. As
you well know the number of youngsters looking for :
such opportunities has increased far beyond the avail-
ability of jobs. I cannot understand, without further
explanation, the line of reasoning which prompts this
action from Washington. It would be appreciated if
this could be called to the attention of Mayor Allen
and that he be asked to inquire of National Adminis-
tration officials why this is occurring.


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