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January 10, 1967

TO: Judge R. E. Jones
FROM: Mrs. Colette Dusthimer

SUBJECT: Annual Report - 1966

I am enclosing my annual report for 1966 reflecting the
disposition of all cases wherein I represented the City of At-
lanta as Solicitor.

I would like to bring to your attention the fact that we
have not lost one case in the Housing Court and we have had
some very formidable opposing counsel. All of the cases dis-
missed were on motion of the City for various reasons, such as
service not perfected, cooperation of parties not legally
responsible, and defendants who complied, or who never received
notice by the City.

The preparation of these 823 cases included interviews
with witnesses; research law, title; trial; preparation of the
calendar, court orders; inspection of some of the properties;
and two appearances in Fulton Superior Court.

My representation of police and detectives in trial of
cases has decreased due to the fact that most of my time is
devoted to the Wednesday and Thursday Courts.

In addition to the above, I researched law and prepared
briefs, maintained the law library, and manual for the three

Yours very truly,
(Mrs.) Colette Dusthimer,
MUNICIPAL COURT, General Division,
City of Atlanta.


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