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June 5, 1968
William W. Suttle, former Presiden t of the United State s Jayce es, ha s been named
Di rector of the Southeast Region of the OEO, it was announced today by· OEO Acting Director,
Bertra nd M. Harding.
Suttle has been servi ng as Acting Regional Director si n ce March 11
of th is y ear.
In making the annou nc emen t , Mr. Harding said:
dedicate d you ng man with a sense of purpose .
Bill Suttle is a hard worki ng,
He has demonstra ted exce l lertt leadership
qu alities and understanding of di f f ering points of view , and a k nack for get ting things
done whi ch wi ll stand him in good stea d as he tackle s his new a s si gnment.
The OEO is
extremely for tunate to have acquired hi s talents for this diffi cult a nd demanding job.
Suttle, 34, served as Special As si stant to t he Di r ec tor of OE O, worki ng primarily
in the field of business inv.olvement in t he a nti - pov erty program f rom Augu st 19 67, until
his appo i ntment as Acting Director of OEO' s Regi o nal Office i n Atlanta.
Su ttle-~ - who calls Greensboro, Nor t h Caro li na , home -- - comp leted hi s ye a r a s
President of t h e U, S . Jaycees last J une 30 ,
He is serving currently as Chai rman of
the Board of the national organization for y oung civ i c l ea ders "
Dur i ng his year as
t he Jaycees' chief e xecutive , he t rave led wi dely in tlis countr y and overseas , a nd
tal ked with national leaders on the chal l enges fa c ing young me n today .
A l aw graduate of the University of North Carolina i n 19 8 , Suttle engaged i n
pr ivat e l aw pra cti ce in Marion , North Caro lina, fo r seven year s.
He wa s employed by
the Nor t h Carolina Natio nal Bank in Greensboro at t he time he was e l ec ted Jayc ees President .
He has s erved as Di r e ctor of the Nor t
Caro l i na Tr af f ic Sa f ety Council , a member
of the Na tional Planning Committee of the America n Red Cross and a member of the Advisory
Boar d of the Salvation Army.
Si nce c oming to OEO , Sutt le and hi s wi fe, Pat , and their t wo ch il dre n have lived
i n McLean , Virgi nia,
They wi ll be moving shortly t o Atlanta,
The OEO Sou theast Regional Office, located in At lan ta , admi nis t er s anti-poverty
programs in Tennessee, South Caro l ina, Georgia, Alabama, Missi ssi ppi and Florida .

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